The Bachelor's Ben Higgins Has A Tender Heart We Must Protect


Ben Higgins Bachelor Winter Games Exit: Ben Opens Up About Lauren

Bachelor Ben Higgins has left The Bachelor Winter Games in tears. So, why did Higgins leave The Bachelor Winter Games so suddenly? And what does it have to do with Lauren Bushnell, his Bachelor counterpart?

On Tuesday night, Ben Higgins realized he didn't connect with any of the other contestants on the Olympic-themed Bachelor spinoff.

Of course, it may be because he is still too tender-hearted over his recent breakup.

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Ben Higgins And Lauren Bushnell Breakup

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell split just nine months ago in May 2017, and it seems like Higgins has just begun to heal from his breakup with his ex-fiancee.

In fact, he admits that if ONE MORE breakup happens, he may not be able to heal fully.

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He told People:

"I was talking to Ashley Iaconetti, a good friend, and she was bringing up a lot of questions. I think this is the first time she has seen me around women and has seen me interact with women. She started asking direct questions that made me realize a few things — I was scared to death that I wasn't healthy enough, and I guess I still am, if I were to enter into another serious relationship and it were to end and that I could heal maybe as well as I have right now."

Ben Higgins? More like somebody needs a Ben Huggins.

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He admits he was in a "pretty healthy place" following the breakup with Bushnell, but it was still difficult.

In fact, he brought up the fact that for 18 months he was in a committed relationship, so he set up boundaries such as not being alone with another woman, or texting another woman.

After the breakup, it was difficult for him to begin doing that again. He says that he felt like he was doing "something wrong."

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Ben Higgins Bachelor Winter Games Exit

Ben had a conversation with host Chris Harrison before telling the other contestants that he was ‘bout to bounce. He says that being there brought "a lot of weird memories."

He said,

"I realize that I was ready to find somebody, but that person wasn't here on Winter Games. I went to talk to Chris, who's a friend of mine and who I knew would understand where I'm coming from, and he and I both agreed that this isn't the place for me anymore. It was right for me to go, and I think looking back it was the right time for me to leave."

Still, Ben says that he's not going to rule out appearing on The Bachelor or any of its spinoffs ever again — just, this wasn't the right fit.