Rachel Lindsay Blames Trump For Bachelor Nick Viall Breakup


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Rachel Lindsay Blames Trump For Nick Viall Breakup

We've got some drama from ex-The Bachelor contestants, Rachel Lindsay and Nick Viall. What else is new? Well, Trump, actually. Why did Nick dump Rachel? Why did the most charming Bachelorette contestant, Rachel Lindsay, not get the rose when Nick Viall said he was 100% falling for her? Why does Rachel Lindsay blame losing The Bachelor with Nick Viall on Donald Trump?

According to Rachel Lindsay, her and Nick Viall took full advantage of the fantasy suite — by sleeping.

That's right, Rachel and Nick did not have sex on The Bachelor, at least, not in the suite. But why did they only sleep when they had such a real connection (besides the obvious reason of being on national TV), and why would Nick break up with her for not canoodling? Where does Trump come up?

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Why Did Nick Dump Rachel On The Bachelor?

Basically, Trump killed Lindsay and Nick's chances of sleeping together on The Bachelor. Rachel Lindsay, who found love in her own season of The Bachelor and is a lawyer when she's not a reality TV star, appeared on the Bachelor Party podcast to talk about her time spent on The Bachelor. Instead of hooking up with wanted beau Nick, she passed out.

It's all because the presidential election happened during filming.

Lindsay explains:

"I was in Finland, jet-lagged. We missed our flight in New York. It was just a mess. So I land, I can't go to sleep and I'm watching BBC. They're all like ‘Hillary [Clinton] is going to win by this' and you can just tell everything changes. And you're like ‘Oh great. It's going to be Trump?' No one can believe it. It was so bad."

And, like all of us, her solution to Trump's win was to binge drink and go to sleep.

"I had my date the next day, and I couldn't get in the right headspace. I drank a lot. I passed out in the Fantasy Suite. This is my first time actually saying that. I just went to sleep. We had no talking that night."

And, just like the thought of Trump kills my own sex life, Lindsay blames the Commander-in-chief for ending her budding relationship with Viall.

"He's the reason I got sent home. Because I passed out in the Fantasy Suite!"

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Rachel and Nick never had their fairytale ending, but she is now engaged to Bachelorette contestant Bryan Abasolo.

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There is no set date, but Bryan and Rachel will walk down the aisle sometime this year.

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Bryan told Extra that the couple may even televise the event.

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Bryan said:

"Right now, we enjoy showing everybody how in love we are, and I think that would be the culmination of our love story, or the beginning of it. I think we would definitely enjoy doing it on national television."