16 Questions Reveal Your Thinking Personality: How Does Your Brain Work?


How does your brain really work?

Answer 16 personality questions to find out how your brain really works. What is your thinking personality?

 Jan 01, 2018
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What word describes you best?
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How do you argue?
Calmly, I try to understand the other person.
I knew they were going to say that, I'm prepared.
I have my argument and evidence to back myself up.
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What is your biggest weakness?
I am stubborn.
I can't admit when I'm wrong.
I'm very emotional.
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What is your biggest pet peeve?
I hate cruel people.
I hate people who choose to be ignorant.
I hate attention seekers.
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Where would you like to visit?
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How do you show that you love a person?
In my actions. I take care of them.
I am very physical, I hold hands, hug, kiss.
I tell them with my words.
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Pick an instrument you'd love to play.
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What is something you wish you had more of?
Social ability
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What's a perfect night for you?
Settling down with a good book.
A home cooked meal and relaxing with loved ones.
Zoning out to movies.
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What animal are you drawn to?
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What is your favorite season?
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Someone asks you a question you don't know. How do you respond?
I come up with an answer based on similar experiences.
Admit that I don't know, let's find out together.
I look it up and learn everything I can about the subject.
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What is your guilty pleasure?
Ordering take out.
Drinking a lot of alcohol.
Bad reality TV.
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What is something difficult for you?
Letting loose and being myself.
Fully trusting others and letting them in.
Letting things, and people, go. Even if they're bad for me.
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What is something you have always wanted to do?
Start a business.
Raise a family.
Travel the world.
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Pick a phrase.
To know.
To learn.
To love.
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