16 Questions Reveal Which Of Your Personality Traits Helps You Survive NYC


You wouldn't be able to thrive in the big apple without this personality trait.

Answer 16 personality questions to find out which one of your personality traits would help you survive living in New York City.

 Jan 03, 2018
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You are lost in the woods, how do you find your way home?
I made marks on the trail to follow back out.
I attempt to find another hiker and ask them to help.
I just walk straight in one direction and hope for the best.
What, does my iPhone not work out here?
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You just found out that the closest subway will be closed for three months.
It will be annoying, but it won't get in my way.
That's all right, I'll figure out the shuttle situation.
I guess I'm not leaving my apartment.
I can probably ask the MTA workers the best route.
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What's your go-to order at a bodega?
Chopped cheese.
Bacon, egg, and cheese.
Buttered hard roll.
The lady who runs the bodega gives me full casseroles.
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Join a band. What instrument do you play?
To be honest, I'm probably the warm up act.
Drums, even though they're annoying to transport without a car.
Lead guitar.
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Your neighbor's been having a tough time. How do you help?
I'll show up with some beers and hash it out.
I don't know him. He's on his own.
I'll ask him how I can help.
I don't have time to help, but I'll say I'm sorry.
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Where do you want to live?
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What is your reaction when you just miss the subway doors closing?
I will literally cry if the next train isn't until 23 or more minutes.
I chat with whoever else is there waiting to pass the time.
That's it. I'll get a cab.
I'll figure out when the next train is, or maybe try to catch another one.
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How do you handle conflict?
I'm too busy and important to have little quarrels.
I'm going to make a very successful meme about you.
I have a solid argument with evidence.
I'm empathize with someone until they feel bad.
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What would be the biggest act of love?
Dating someone who lives in a different borough.
Dating someone even if they don't eat street meat.
Agreeing to go to Times Square for your partner.
Giving up time at work to spend with your partner.
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Which season is the worst in NYC?
Fall -- all those tourists.
Summer -- smelly subway cars.
Spring -- allergies and huge rain puddles.
Winter -- polar vortex.
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What city animal are you drawn to the most?
Unafraid squirrels.
Pigeons, they fear nothing.
Bodega cat.
Pizza rat.
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Why would you fall in love with a stranger?
They yell at a slow-walking tourist to stand to one side of the sidewalk.
They swiped me through on the subway.
They told me the best place to get bagels and lox.
They were nice to me, to be honest.
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Favorite New York expression?
"Anything can happen in a New York minute."
"If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere."
"Only in New York!"
"New York, the city so nice they named it twice."
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How do you take your coffee?
Lots of sugar and milk.
I drink lattes.
In a little blue paper cup.
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What word describes you best?
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What is the best part of NYC?
All of the museums and history.
The incredibly people that you meet.
Dollar pizza.
There is so much opportunity everywhere.
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