Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Food Test If You're From Kentucky

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How much do you know about Kentucky cuisine?

This food quiz about Kentucky cuisine will test your knowledge on bourbon, baked goods, and more! For all the Southern Foodies!

 Jan 08, 2017
1 of 15Pick the correct answer!
Kentucky is known for their...
Hush puppies
Cherry pie
Fried chicken
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Which sauce do you put on your meat?
Jack Daniels Sauce
Henry Bain sauce
3 of 15Pick the correct answer!
What is Kentucky's version of queso dip?
Beer cheese
Cheese curds
4 of 15Pick the correct answer!
Which type of fish are you likely to find in Kentucky?
5 of 15Pick the correct answer!
What are you most likely eating for breakfast?
Breakfast tacos
Stack cakes
6 of 15Pick the correct answer!
What is Burgoo?
A potent sauce for serving with game
A type of clothing worn by women in some religions
A thick stew made from vegetables and mutton, or lamb, or other game meats
7 of 15Pick the correct answer!
What is Goetta?
Ground meat & oats with bay leaves, rosemary, salt, pepper, & thyme
An Appalachian layered cake with apple preserves between each layer
A city in Kentucky known for its delicacies
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What type of alcoholic drink is Kentucky known for?
9 of 15Pick the correct answer!
What is Spoonbread?
A sweet, moist cornmeal-based dish
Bits of bread with milk and sugar to be eaten like cereal
Bread so soggy you have to eat it with spoons
10 of 15Pick the correct answer!
What ingredients make up a Hot Brown?
A layered dish of bread, bacon, & turkey, topped with Mornay sauce
A burned hushpuppy
Brown sugar & butter rolled into a ball & baked to perfection
11 of 15Pick the correct answer!
If you are eating a Johnny Cake, you are eating...
A flat corn bread cooked by direct heat
A strawberry cake with creme filling
A cake made famous by Johnny Appleseed
12 of 15Pick the correct answer!
Owensboro, Kentucky is home to the ____________________.
World's Largest Ball of Lard
International B-B-Q Festival
The Biggest Bacon Bake-Off
13 of 15Pick the correct answer!
The Kentucky Derby inspired which treat?
the Derby Casserole
Boston Cream Pie
the Derby Pie
14 of 15Pick the correct answer!
What are Bourbon balls?
Crushed cookies mixed with chocolate and bourbon, & powdered sugar
Deep-fried balls of Bourbon
Meatballs marinated in Bourbon
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What is *THE* chili recipe of Kentucky?
Not possible - there's too many variations. No two chilis are the same!
Derby Chili
The Kentucky Chili, duh!
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