Quiz: Can You Get 100% On This "Sleepless In Seattle" Fan Challenge?

Sleepless in Seattle, movies/tv
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Are you the ultimate "Sleepless in Seattle" fan?

Take this quiz on Sleepless in Seattle, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, to see if you know this movie!

 Dec 23, 2016
1 of 10How did Sam Baldwin lose his wife?
Sleepless in Seattle, movies/tv
Car Accident
2 of 10Sam and Jonah moved to Seattle from _________________
Sleepless in Seattle, movies/tv
New York City
Los Angeles
3 of 10Who first calls the radio psychologist?
Sleepless in Seattle, movies/tv
4 of 10Which movie "scared the sh*t out of every man in America (especially Sam)"?
Sleepless in Seattle, movies/tv
Cape Fear
Fatal Attraction
5 of 10Annie writes a letter to Sam. Who sends it?
Sleepless in Seattle, movies/tv
6 of 10Why does Sam choose Annie's letter?
Sleepless in Seattle, movies/tv
She doodled hearts all over it
She's a fan of Brooks Robinson of the Baltimore Orioles
She also lost her husband to cancer
7 of 10Why doesn't Jonah like Victoria?
Sleepless in Seattle, movies/tv
She said she hated that Sam had a son
She wouldn't give him candy
She laughs like a hyena
8 of 10Where does Jonah go to meet "his new mother"?
Sleepless in Seattle, movies/tv
The Eiffel Tower
The Empire State Building
The Space Needle
9 of 10Walter decided to _____________ at dinner with Annie
Sleepless in Seattle, movies/tv
marry her
take anti-histamines
take back the ring
10 of 10Annie gets off the elevator and she sees ________________
Sleepless in Seattle, movies/tv
Jonah's backpack with his bear Howard inside
Sam waiting with open arms
Jonah waiting patiently for an adult
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