Quiz: A True Southerner Should Get 15/15 On This Cooking Test. Will You?

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Bless your heart!

Do you cook like a true southerner? Take this quiz to see if you really know how to season your greens

 Jan 29, 2018

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What is a typical southern breakfast staple?
Acai Bowl

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Which is a classic New Years Day meal?
Blackeyed peas and collard greens
Steak and potatoes
Grits and oysters

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What state has yellow barbecue sauce?
South Carolina
North Carolina

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What do southerners call soft drinks?

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True or False: You wash your cast iron skillet in the dishwasher.

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What do southerners typically drink with their supper?
Iced Tea
Cranberry Juice

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What type of liquid is used when making southern style biscuits?

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What is a roux?
A mixture of fat and flour used in making sauces
What the head chef in a southern kitchen is called
The key ingredient in biscuits

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What's a unique way southerns eat peanuts?
Deep Fried
Still shelled

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Which is a traditional topping for southern-style banana pudding?
Vanilla Wafers
Lady fingers
Graham crackers

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Which of the following drinks are made with bourbon and mint?
Dark and Stormy
Mint Julep
Irish Coffee

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Which side dish is NOT deep fried?
Corn Bread
Hush Puppies
Green tomatoes

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What kind of bread is double the average thickness of most other sliced breads?
Wonder bread
Texas Toast
Corn bread

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What type of meat are burnt ends?

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What is another name for burgoo?
Roadkill soup
Texas chilli
Hobo stew
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