Quiz: What's Your Vacation Experiences Score?

West Virginia

How many adventurous trips have you taken?

Test to see how many cool vacation tourism items you have already checked off your list! West Virginia Tourism.

1 of 12Your friend just went white water rafting. Can you top her story?
West Virginia
I've never been - I prefer calm pools on vacation.
Oh yeah, I've had some gnarly experiences on the rapids!
I've been once or twice, so I could definitely add to the conversation!
2 of 12Have you ever caught a fish yourself and touched it with your bare hands?
West Virginia
Instagram/ @gotowv/ @flyrodchronicles
Technically I've caught one, but all I really did was hold the pole.
Ew. Gross. No.
Oh yeah! I love a day on the water and I can catch 'em like a pro!
3 of 12How often do you go hiking in a brand new place?
West Virginia
All of the time! I love exploring nature and experiencing new things.
Sometimes I'll do a little hiking during a trip.
Does a hike from my hotel room to the pool count?
4 of 12You're on vacation and there's a chance to go ATVing. Do you go?
West Virginia
I've never been so I'd be super excited to try it out!
Nah, I prefer relaxing in the sun more than getting dirty!
Definitely! I've been before and it's SO much fun!
5 of 12What do you say when you're asked your horseback riding experience level?
West Virginia
I'm scared of horses, so it's not really my thing.
Horseback riding on a trip is an absolute must!
I've ridden a horse before but never on vacation.
6 of 12Your guide asks how many craft breweries you've been to. What do you say?
West Virginia
Instagram/ @gotowv/ @keiaishungry
A ton - trying new beers on vacation is the best!
You're more of a winery type of gal, honestly.
You'd rather have a drink brought to you by the pool, thanks.
7 of 12How many farmer's markets have you visited before?
West Virginia
Instagram/ @jenshephard
Who needs farmer's markets when you have all inclusive resorts?
A ton! I love seeing farmer's markets in new places!
I frequent a specific one at home, but I'd definitely love to see more.
8 of 12Have you ever visited a canyon other than the Grand Canyon?
West Virginia
Yes - and they are JUST as beautiful!
Nope, just the Grand Canyon so far!
I've never even been to the Grand Canyon.
9 of 12How do you feel about haunted tours? Do you like being scared?
West Virginia
Nope and nope. Anything scary = hard pass.
I do enjoy a good spook every now and then!
I live for them! I love the rush of being afraid!
10 of 12How many different places have you seen leaves changing in the fall?
West Virginia
Instagram/ @gotwv/
Just where I'm from - but they're awfully beautiful here!
All over! I love visiting new places and seeing the beautiful fall colors.
Does seeing pictures on TV count?
11 of 12How many times have you wished on a shooting star?
West Virginia
Instagram/ @gotwv/ @shifflmt
Ummm never. Bright city lights make it impossible to see the stars!
Too many to count - I love visiting places with clear night skies!
A lot - I'm never sure if they're stars or planes but I make a wish anyway!
12 of 12Your mom is raving about the Appalachian Mountains. Have you been yet?
West Virginia
Yes and you agree with her, they are breathtaking!
Nah, you listen politely, but you'd rather visit a spa.
Not yet - but you ask her all about it so you can plan your trip!
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