Quiz: What's Your Adventure Score?

climbing, activities, West Virginia

How much of a dare devil are you, really?

Have you done these exciting, adrenaline rush inducing adventure experiences? Visit West Virginia for your next vacation! West Virginia Tourism.

1 of 12Your friend needs another paddler on a rafting trip. Do you go?

travel, adventure, wv, West Virginia, West Virginia Tourism
No way, not my style.
Oh yeah, I'd love to hit the rapids!
I probably would but I'd be a little scared!

2 of 12Have you ever caught a fish and touched it with your bare hands?

animals, travel, fish, adventure, West Virginia
I mean... I held the fishing pole for awhile, does that count?
Yeah! I took the hook out of its mouth and everything!
I've never had the desire to be near any fish that isn't sushi, thank you.

3 of 12How do you feel about going hiking?

travel, adventure, wv, West Virginia, West Virginia Tourism
The only hike you'll get me to do is from my TV to my fridge!
I've climbed mountains, around rivers, in the woods... I've hiked it all!
I'll hike an occasional trail for fun every now and again

4 of 12An opportunity to go ATVing comes up - do you go?

travel, adventure, Tourism, West Virginia
I sat on the back of a four-wheeler once... that's about it.
I'm more into convertibles
I'm all about it! There's no better way to explore and get a little dirty!

5 of 12How many times have you gone mountain biking?

mountain biking, biking
Haven't been yet, but I'll maybe try it out one day!
Only a couple of times, but I bike regularly in real life all the time!
Pretty often - it's a thrill like no other!

6 of 12Your brother is going zip lining and asks you to go with him. Would you?

zip lining
Honestly, I'm afraid of heights, so I'd probably pass.
Oh yeah! I've been meaning to cross it off my bucket list.
Oh ABSOLUTELY! How exciting!

7 of 12Would you go stand up paddling boarding even if you know you'd get wet?

stand up paddle boarding
I wouldn't really want to paddle, but if someone else did the work I'd go!
Eh... I prefer dry land.
YES of course! It's great exercise and so fun!

8 of 12What's your downhill skiing experience level?

snow, Skiing
I stay on the easier courses, but I love going!
Strap wood to my feet to slide down steep hills? No thanks!
Black diamond baby! I love the challenge.

9 of 12Have you ever gone rock climbing on real rocks?

travel, adventure, wv, West Virginia, West Virginia Tourism
Oh yeah - I'm a rock climbing fanatic!
I've dabbled at an indoor park, but would love to test out a real mountain!
Rock climbing? Nah, I have a fear of heights.

10 of 12You're on vacation and see a sign to go BASE jumping. Do you go?

base jumping
You couldn't pay me enough to do that.
I couldn't get there fast enough!
I think I'd be afraid but I'd make myself do it anyway!

11 of 12A friend signs you up for horseback riding in the mountains. Are you down?

horseback riding, horse
I guess I'd do it. Why not?!
I'd rather stay away from the horses, thank you very much!
I'm always up for a new experience!

12 of 12How do you feel about climbing new heights on a ropes course?

I haven't gotten to do one yet, but trust me - I will!
I don't even know what that is
So into it! What a chance to be on top of the world!
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