13 Reasons Why Having A "Realcation" Is The Only Way To Vacation

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Wild and wonderful! Your realcation awaits!

Literally the only thing better than getting to go on a relaxing vacation with your family and friends is going on a realcation. We're talking pitching up in the great outdoors, getting to unplug from work and the world, and a chance to knock off the most adventurous bits of your bucket list. It's the new Instagram craze and the big Sunday brunch buzz, realcations are the next big thing.

1. That's Because You Get More Bang for Your Buck

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Let's be real, we all know West Virginia has tons to offer, its campgrounds are its most underrated luxuries. Camping in the great state filled with mountainous landscapes won't only knock your budget down a few it'll put you dead in the center of your own personal paradise. Pitch yourself up right in the middle of the wild or swap your tent for a cush bed in a tipi, a rustic cabin or even a yurt! Suffice it to say, you'll be killing the vacation brag game when you get back to the real world.

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Spend a night in a tree house!


Stay in a cozy cabin!

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Or, pitch a tent!

2. You Get to Unplug

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When your boss asks you if you can work on that brief over your trip or shoot a couple of emails out to your clients, you get to answer with a legitimate "nope". The only thing better than living the life of luxury in the outdoors is getting "zero" interruptions from news updates, social media notifications and emails from co-workers. No getaway can get you to the clear mind and sense of calm that you're seeking when you head out of the office for a couple of days.

3. It's Literally The Best Bucket List Aid Ever

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For bucket list kickers, realcations are a total gem and the Mountain State is your low key treasure chest. Head straight to The Gauley River to go on an ever-surprising rafting trip in one of the world's top ten whitewater rivers. The Mountain Institute in WV claims that "more stars, planets, and other celestial bodies can be seen from the Mountain Center than practically any other high-elevation point on the East Coast". You're not gonna want to miss that. And, oh yeah, you can finally ace your 5th grade dream of becoming the president! A visit to Berkeley Springs will allow you a nice dip in George Washington's outdoor bath tub.

4. You'll Get To Do Spas The Right Way

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Love mud baths at the spa? You won't have to have some stranger slather the goop on you as you listen to wind rustling through trees from a soundtrack on her iPhone. Realcations give you the real deal. Soak in the warm, organic mineral water of natural springs and bask in the mud of a river with epic views of mountains and wildlife. No pauses in the sounds of nature when a phone battery goes dead. Guaranteed.

5. You Get To Be a Kid Again

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And your kids just get to be kids (and your dog can be a dog). Dirt, grime and yelling are totally welcome on an outdoor vacation. Remember: parental bliss is getting to see your kids let loose and enjoy being a kid... so much so that they're completely drained when its time for bed.

6. You Can Have Cake. And Eat It Too.

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Getting outside in the elements allows you to finally read that book you've been wanting to finish, take a swim, take a hike, see the stars, enjoy the art of nature, relax, body train, laze around and learn. There's a lot the outdoors can offer you once you're "unplugged" and left to your own devices. And with all of the exercise you get in on walks, swims and hikes, you can quite literally have your cake and eat it too.

7. You'll Fall In Love

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Guaranteed, your outdoor adventure will leave you in awe of nature and all it has to offer. That little swimming hole you'll find moseying down the river and those amazing pictures you'll take of you climbing giant rocks are certain to give you a totally new appreciation for the planet we live in and a new sense of ownership. So much so that you'll want to come back all of the time. And get this, you won't have to get a timeshare to do it either.

8. You'll Have The Best Sleep Ever

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If you weren't already aware, you should know sleeping outdoors is the hack of all sleeping hacks. Of course, the unknown might be a bit eerie at first but an embrace of the experience with open arms and closed eyes will have you enjoying the best night's rest of your life. That is, if you can get over the spectacular view of the celestial bodies overhead. Who needs to count sheep when you've got billions of stars above you to explore?

9. You'll Find The Best Decor Inspiration

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We all know how important it is to be a good guest and to allow nature to do its thing. Accordingly, collecting items from nature and wildlife to bring home will be a hard "no" while you're out in the wilderness. No worries though, this trip will allow you to walk away with some incredible garnishing inspiration for your home once you get back. Plus, you'll come out with tons of pictures to decorate your walls with.

10. Realcations = Secret Workout Hack

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Climbing, hiking, pitching a tent, walking to a river for a swim. Realcations will have you working out whenever you want and even when you don't realize it. While all of your friends will be coming back from their tour of clubs and bars a few pounds puffier, you'll be svelte, tan and energized. Basically the most organic makeover ever.

11. Embrace Your Wild Side

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Becoming disconnected from our inner wellsprings of creativity can be easy when we're not in nature and embracing its surroundings. Getting into touch with our wilder sides allows us to see the world in a way that's less ordinary and much more extraordinary. Going on a realcation will push you right into the wilderness where nature will inspire you in all ways.

12. It'll Make You Think More Clearly

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Getting back to your hunter-gather roots won't just send you back on an ancestral journey, it'll increase your well-being. Not only will you be able to disconnect from menial day-to-day stresses, the fresh air and exercise will refocus your attention and allow you to think with a clearer head. With a vacation packed with uninterrupted bliss and peace, you'll be ready to tackle work woes in no time after your big trip.

13. It'll Make You Happier


Getting outdoors is bound to have you playing around like a kid again. You'll never fall privy to a boring routine on your realcation because there's tons to do, you'll see new trees, take in the sunshine and exercise your mind as you trail a new path. By the end of your journey you'll have a new sense of pride in your adventurous streak and a newfound energy and positive outlook.

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So pack your bags and tell your friends and family it's time for a getaway to the Mountain State. Only winners get realcations and West Virginia is packed full of 'em!

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