Quiz: How Much Do You ACTUALLY Know About Cinco De Mayo?

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Get your sombrero, and let's go!

What does Cinco de Mayo celebrate? What do Mexicans celebrate on May 5? Cinco de Mayo in 11 questions to test your knowledge.

 May 05, 2017
1 of 11Pick your answer!
“Cinco de Mayo” is the same as:
March 15
Fifth Of May
5 Mayans
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“Cinco de Mayo” is originally a celebration of:
The Battle of Puebla
Mexico’s Independence Day
Harvest time in Mexico
3 of 11Pick your answer!
Mexico’s actual Independence Day is on:
October 1st
September 16th
May 5th
4 of 11Pick your answer!
On May 5 of 1862, Mexicans won the battle against____________.
The French army.
The Chinese army.
The American army.
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The famous Battle of Puebla took place in:
Mexico City
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What made the Mexican victory in The Battle of Puebla so surprising?
The French had digital revolvers.
The Mexican army had mostly female soldiers.
The French force had more soldiers and they were better equipped.
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_________ Zaragoza Seguín was the Mexican general that defeated the French.
8 of 11Pick your answer!
Shortly after his famous victory, at the age of 33, General Zaragoza died of____________.
Typhoid fever
Mad Cow Disease
9 of 11Pick your answer!
Fiesta Broadway, the largest Cinco de Mayo celebration in the world, is held in:
Los Angeles
New Zealand
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What is NOT part of the Cinco de Mayo Celebration:
Mariachi and mole poblano
Guacamole and tequila
Spaghetti and fried chicken
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What are the colors in the Mexican Flag?
Yellow, white and green
Red, white and green
Blue, white and red
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