The One Kind Of Chocolate For All Baking Recipes


How do you choose the best chocolate for your recipe? Dark chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate? We have the best chocolate type for every recipe.

Chocolate has certainly earned its title as a dessert staple. It is easily added to breads, cookies and brownies to amp up the sweet factor.

If you aren't an expert baker (not many of us are), the chocolate section of the baking aisle can be nothing short of overwhelming. With the many options of baking bars, chocolate bars and chocolate chips in white chocolate, semi sweet chocolate and bittersweet chocolate, it's no wonder the experience is dizzying.

The Best Bake Chocolate, Everytime

You can! Find out once and for all what is the best baking chocolate.

Our goal for determining the best baking chocolate was:

1- To find out which chocolate bakes well (without burning or becoming too runny),

2- Adding just the right amount of sweetness and can be used in nearly any recipe.

Yes, there is a time and a place for fancy white chocolate or intensely dark chocolate. But...

Our Winner For The Everyday Best Baking Chocolate Is:

The Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar

Why The Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar? Glad You Asked!

At 60% cacao content, semi-sweet chocolate is a less intense form of dark chocolate. Bittersweet chocolate contains 70% or more cacao, making it less sweet and therefore not as commonly used for dessert recipes.

Health food enthusiasts agree that the most health benefits are achieved with a cacao percentage of 70% or more. At 60%, semi-sweet chocolate is healthy, but not so healthy that it will throw off your dessert vibes.

Chocolate bars are perfect to stock up on for future recipes because they can be chopped into any size necessary.

Need Chocolate Chips For A Batch Of Cookies?

Chop the bar up into small pieces. Want to add large chunks to banana bread? Just chop the chocolate bar into large pieces.

The higher the cacao content, the drier the chocolate will be when baked. Because semi-sweet is right in the middle of the cacao range (milk chocolate only has to contain 10%), it is ends up being just a little bit gooey when baked. Perfect!

Along the same lines of versatility, chocolate bars (especially semi-sweet bars) can be used for non-baking purposes like last-minute s'mores or simply satisfying your late night chocolate cravings.

The Best Chocolate In The World

It's pretty clear why the semi-sweet chocolate bar is our favorite baking chocolate. It's extremely versatile, so stocking up on it is a no-brainer. Plus, it will make whatever you are baking taste perfectly sweet without being overpowering.

So save perusing the chocolate section for special occasions, and stick with our MVP of baking chocolate for all of your usual baking needs. It hasn't let us down yet!

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