7 Easy Steps For The Best Melted Chocolate Ever

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Melted chocolate is almost heaven and making it the right way will make you a hero in the kitchen! Follow these 7 easy steps to melt chocolate to perfection.

Chocolate is one of those foods that is perfect all on its own, but also has the ability to transform other food into something even better.

For example, a chocolate bar sounds pretty good right now, but a chocolate bar melted onto strawberries or frozen yogurt? Yes please!

Melting chocolate can be a little tricky. If you overcook it, it's burned, but if you undercook it, it's lumpy and hard. We've broken down the best way to melt chocolate, step by step.

Step 1: Choose Your Chocolate


Before you start melting, decide what type of chocolate you will use.

Do you want bittersweet, semi sweet or white chocolate? Decide if you want to buy chocolate chips, a chocolate bar or chocolate squares.

Regardless of which kind of chocolate you choose, this method will melt it!

Step 2: Prepare Your Chocolate

If you are using chocolate chips, there isn't any prep work required. If you chose a chocolate bar or chocolate squares, simply chop them up into smaller pieces to ensure they melt evenly.

This is a good time to prepare any other food you are having with your melted chocolate. If it's part of a larger recipe, make sure you've reached the stage in the recipe where the chocolate is needed. It melts quickly!

Step 3: Bring Water to a Boil

In a large saucepan or double boiler, bring about two inches of water to a boil. While waiting for the water to boil, locate either the top pot of the double broiler or a metal bowl that will fit on top of the saucepan.

Step 4: Start Melting!


Place the chocolate chips in the top pot/bowl and set it on top of the boiling water. Distribute them evenly along the bottom of the pot to make sure they are melting at roughly the same pace.

Step 5: Stir, Stir, Stir

This step is very important. If you don't stir the chocolate, it could overcook or even burn. When you stir the chocolate frequently, you are tracking its progress the whole time and keeping the chocolate pieces evenly distributed. When there are no more lumps, turn off the stove.

Step 6: Use Immediately or Keep Warm


As soon as the chocolate cools down, it will start to harden again. It's best to use the melted chocolate as soon as it's finished melting.

If you need to keep it warm for a few minutes, leave the stove turned off and just let the pot of melted chocolate rest in the warm water.

Step 7: Eat


Dip your favorite foods in the perfectly gooey chocolate, add it to yummy recipes or pour it into your mouth (after it cools!).

However you plan to enjoy your melted chocolate, make sure you finish every last drop.

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