Haters Horoscopes: 10 Things Each Zodiac Sign Hates



  1. People who shuffle their feet.
  2. People who don't call back.
  3. Mobile phones that are turned off.
  4. Animals in cages.
  5. People who are too active on social media.
  6. People who can't dance.
  7. People who don't say what they think.
  8. Public transport delays.
  9. People who dress casually.
  10. Country music.


  1. People who brag too much.
  2. Disorder and disorganization.
  3. Rips in clothing.
  4. Bad books.
  5. Public disregard.
  6. Giving public speeches.
  7. People who don't use deodorant.
  8. To be mocked.
  9. Fast food.
  10. Inability to show one's wisdom.


  1. People who have bad sense of humor.
  2. Not being in the center of attention.
  3. Stopped clocks.
  4. Bad wine.
  5. Shoes in which you can't dance.
  6. People who talk slowly.
  7. People who walk slowly.
  8. Pessimists.
  9. Addicts.
  10. Broken devices.


  1. Too much heat.
  2. Woolens.
  3. Sleeping on a couch.
  4. People who show up too early.
  5. People who dress badly.
  6. Accepting criticism.
  7. Violent movies.
  8. Ungrateful children.
  9. Losing sunglasses.
  10. People who steal someone else's thunder.


  1. People who dress better than them.
  2. People who drive better cars than they.
  3. Ignoring.
  4. People who provoke jealousy.
  5. Rainy days.
  6. Cold weather.
  7. Being forced to go to church.
  8. Being at home on sunny days.
  9. People who ask them to slow down.
  10. People who say that Leos can't flirt


  1. Messy people.
  2. People who don't call back.
  3. People who don't wear watch.
  4. People who don't pay taxes.
  5. People who don't reply to reminders.
  6. Wasting time.
  7. People who don't speak grammatically correct.
  8. People who curse too much.
  9. Emotional drama.
  10. Stand-up comedians.


  1. People who ask them to turn music down.
  2. People who hate fast food.
  3. Littered parks.
  4. People who steal flowers.
  5. People who treat animals badly.
  6. People who don't pick up the phone and don't call back.
  7. One night stands.
  8. Bad haircuts.
  9. Drug addicts.
  10. Parents who scold their children.


  1. People who borrow pen and don't give it back.
  2. Lovers who don't cum.
  3. Their loved ones who make them jealous.
  4. People who are better than Scorpio.
  5. Greedy eating.
  6. Becoming an object of gossip.
  7. Being accused of cheating (even if it's true).
  8. People who dress too stylish.
  9. People who consider themselves fortune-tellers.
  10. The fact that they can't park in parking places for disabled.


  1. Public transport delays.
  2. Flying in economy class.
  3. Friends who are seasick.
  4. People who complain too much.
  5. People who are afraid to take risk.
  6. People who teach Sagittarius how to live.
  7. People who hate that Sagittarius is late for meetings.
  8. Lost luggage.
  9. Cruelty to animals.
  10. Reading about violation of human rights.


  1. People who throw away money.
  2. People who take loans.
  3. People who don't give money back.
  4. People who have naughty children.
  5. People who don't keep their promises.
  6. People who leave toothpaste tube open.
  7. Poetry.
  8. People who ask Capricorn to drive them somewhere.
  9. Leaving kids home alone.
  10. Bad haircuts.


  1. Boring people.
  2. Fast food.
  3. Talking about past.
  4. Psychiatrists.
  5. Impractical people.
  6. People who don't clean up after their pet.
  7. Lack of loyalty.
  8. Being a third wheel.
  9. Getting their hands dirty.
  10. Shy people.


  1. Losing sunglasses.
  2. Too much heat.
  3. Water pollution.
  4. People who laugh too loud.
  5. People who leave in the middle of a fight.
  6. Alcoholics.
  7. Missing their grandchildren.
  8. Wearing glasses.
  9. People who are slow on the road.
  10. Cars that are bad for environment.

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