After Seeing This, I Am Never Throwing My Egg Shells In The Trash Again

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You need to read this.

Scrambled, sunny side up, poached eggs or omelette, whichever your preference might be, you certainly use a few eggs every week for a nice warm breakfast or brunch.

But what do you do with all those egg shells? Do you toss them in the trash without second thoughts?

Then here's a life changer information. This news will have you look at egg shells almost with the same love you look at your warm delicious dishes.

Unfortunately, statistics prove that most of our food end up in landfills. We can certainly do a better job planning meals and cooking more proportional servings to eliminate such waste. Also, reusing left-overs to create a new dish or freezing part of what we cook for another occasion.

But have you ever thought about the parts of the food that go straight to the trash, like egg shells?

We will rethink our habits after realizing that nearly 90 percent of eggshells constituents are pure calcium, a mineral we buy at the supermarket to assure the health of muscles and bones. You had a lot of calcium at home and you didn't even know it!

Ok, we know egg shells are rich in calcium. But how do we extract the mineral from the shells?


First, rinse your shells in a colander. Rinse well but keep the inside membrane of the eggs intact.


Prepare a pot of boiling water and insert the shells in it. The shells must stay below the surface of the water. To get rid of any bacteria, boil for 10 minutes.


Safely remove the eggs from the water with a colander spoon. Remove the remaining water by gently shaking them. After that, spread the egg shells on a baking tray and place in oven set to 200ºF for 15 minutes.


Wait until all the shells have become very crispy. Taking them out of the oven and let cool down. When the shells are cold, use a blender to obtain a powder consistency.


Congratulations! You've just created your first natural calcium supplement. Feel free to add it to any of your dishes. You can add a pinch of your powder to create healthier soups, mix in with creamy desserts, sauces or smoothies. This small amount of calcium can contribute immensely to your body and bones health!

According to The Crunchy Housewife, 1/2 of a teaspoon of the shells powder contains about 400 mg of calcium.


What a great idea that both saves money and the environment!

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