22 Dogs In Sombreros For Anyone Who’s Having A Ruff Day

dogs, cinco de mayo

Dogs in sombreros are the best!

I only came to play frisbee

Is it Taco Tuesday?

I don't know this guy

I'm a little "borracho"

I only came for the Fajitas

I wanted another hat.

This bone doesn't taste that good

Watching these people drink makes me dizzy

Can I run now?

Smells like quesadilla over there!

One more "cerveza" please!

I love drinko de Mayo!

Bob, how did we end up here.

I'm ready for my gig.

Cinco de Mayo selfie.

If I drink Tequila it's "Nacho" business

I had too much tortilla chips and salsa

Introvert - before booze

Are we leaving? The party isn't over!

Mexicanine Mariachi

I'm happy Cinco De Mayo didn't fall on a Friday 13

Expect a drunk text "esta noche"!

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