Best Sun Hats for Ladies with Big Hair

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Big hair, don't care... We've got you covered!

Big hair can make a statement this summer. It looks great on many women and lets them show off their style and flair all at the same time. However, finding a sun hat, or any type of hat for that matter, that will fit with the big hair, without asking you to tone it down, can be a challenge.

The good news is that there are several different sun hats that you can choose that will look great with your big hair and will keep you protected from the bright rays of the sun in the summer. And the right style will make you look amazing, no matter where you plan to spend your time in the summer. Some of the best big hats for ladies with big hair include:

Stevie Fedora Hat

The Stevie is going to be one of the most versatile hats that you can find on the market, making it great for those who have large hair. When you pick the Stevie, you will be able to choose from several colors, including tan and white. And the sizes available will go up to 4XL, so you will be able to find one that looks great for your needs.

This hat is similar to a fedora, but you will find the extra style can make it a good choice. This hat is going to come with a UPF rating of 50, meaning that you are going to be able to get the right protection from the hot summer sun.

You can also adjust the headband a bit. This will make it easier to get the hat that you need, no matter the size of your head or the size of the hair that you would like to wear under the hat. If you have large hair, this can be helpful as you can get a size bigger and then bring it down to fit you.

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Aussie Straw Cowboy Hat

When you want to look good out in the sun while still getting all of the protection that you need from the heat and strong rays, then the Aussie Straw Cowboy Hat is the right choice for you. This gives a lot of the style that comes with a cowboy hat, with a larger brim to protect from the sun as well.

This hat is perfect for those summer days with an authentic cowboy look. These hats are big, which means that you will be protected, no matter the size of your hair. To start, the brim is 4 inches long, giving lots of protection where other hats are going to fail. It also has a padded sweatband underneath for extra comfort and is unlined for more ventilation.

Customers who would like to get this hat will be able to choose from several sizes from 2XL to 4XL, giving them lots of choices to get the exact amount of protection they need. This is a hat that you will be able to wear on all occasions while still keeping cool and looking good, no matter how hot the sun gets.

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Sun N' Sand Open Top Hat

If you've got big hair and you struggle with finding a hat that won't crush your curls or cramp your style, an open top hat might be the perfect option for you! You can simply throw your hair up in a bun or ponytail and let it flow out the top of this hat!

The hat features a straw design with a cotton trim, and you can adjust it to the exact size you want it to fit around your head! Since this hat is so adjustable and versatile, it comes in one size for all, however, there are three color variations you can choose from for the trim - white, black, or light blue.

This trendy hat has a brim of 4", which will offer you excellent sun protection. This hat is perfect for traveling since you can just roll it up in and pack it away easily and compactly!

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Classic Straw Gambler Hat

When you are looking for a hat that is classic and will fit over all that hair, then look no further than the Classic Straw Gambler Hat. This one will help you to enjoy a lot of comforts while still showing off your unique style. And it works for pretty much anything you would like to do while outside.

To start, the brim is 3.5 inches wide, providing a lot of protection from the side. And it comes in sizes 3XL to 4XL to help fit any size of hair that you would like. The handmade materials will ensure that the hat will last you a long time as well. It is simple and unique, giving you the perfect hat to wear all summer long.

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For some, you want to make sure that you get a traditional hat that will look nice when you go to the beach and the Laguna is the right one to choose. You will be able to find this from many different retailers, helping you to have a lot of choices, no matter the color or the style that you would like to go with.

The bowstring that is attached to the hat is going to make it a good option. You can even wear it when the weather promises to bring about a good deal of wind. However, you will notice that the brim for this one will be a little bit smaller than the other options, so consider this when choosing the hat and the amount of protection that you would like.

Since you may need more sun coverage, you may want to choose one with a larger brim, though this is still going to provide more protection than a lot of other hats. The best size to choose for the large hair in this hat is an X-large to make sure that you get more protection and that you are going to have it fit well over the hair.

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