Quiz: Only A True Southern Belle Can Pass This Southern Hospitality Test

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There are no strangers in the South, they're just friends we haven't met yet.

Test your knowledge on the basics of southern hospitality from greetings to etiquette and everything in between!

 Sep 17, 2017
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What would you do if a visitor didn't have a place to stay?
Invite them for dinner, of course!
Point them in the direction of a cheap diner.
Ignore them as they pass by your house.
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When making dinner, how much food do you prepare?
Enough for your family
More than enough for your family plus extra in case of guests
Just enough for yourself
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What dessert would you have with dinner?
No dessert
A homemade pie
A store bought cake
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What is a proper send off for guests?
A wave of your hand
"Y'all come back now, you hear?"
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What do you bring to a dinner party?
Whatever you have left over in the fridge
A well thought out gift for the host/hostess
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When can you start eating dinner?
Once everyone is settled and has their food
Right when you get there
Whenever you have your own plate ready
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What should you do after a dinner party?
Complain to all your friends how the food was horrible
Write a thank you note and send it in the mail ASAP
Go to sleep
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When is it acceptable to wear white?
Between Easter and Labor Day, or to your own wedding
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When is it appropriate to show a little cleavage?
At church
To your grandparent's house
In the evening after sundown
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What does being a legacy mean?
You're rushing a sorority your mother or grandmother were in
You were prom queen
You are a winner
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What do you do if you forget someone's name?
Stop talking to them and walk away
Call them "sugar" or "dear"
Call them whatever name seems right
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What should you bring to a family that just lost someone?
A casserole
A small card
A bottle of wine
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When is it acceptable to chew gum in public?
At a sporting event
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What color will you wear on your wedding day?
Whatever I want
Anything but white
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How do you address elders and people of authority?
"Your honor"
"Ma'am" or "Sir"
"Hey you"
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