Quiz: Only A True Mormon Can Define These 13 Words. Can You?


I am a mormon, and a mormon just believes.

Test your knowledge on the definitions of the most common words found in the mormon faith, practices, and traditions!

 Aug 01, 2017
1 of 13Define The Word!
A great prophet
God the Father
2 of 13Define The Word!
Aaronic Priesthood
Female priests
The head of the Mormon faith
The lesser priests of the Church who attend to temporal affairs
3 of 13Define The Word!
Melchizedek Priesthood
The higher priests of the Church who handle spiritual affairs of the gospel
The assistant priests of the Church
Female priests
4 of 13Define The Word!
Agency or free agency
A secret club all Mormons join
The administrative offices of the Church
The right to choose good or evil given by God
5 of 13Define The Word!
Members who oppose or ignore cardinal Church teachings
Great followers of Jesus Christ
6 of 13Define The Word!
Celestial Kingdom
The house that the priests live in
Another name for the Church
The highest level of heaven, which all Mormons strive to reach
7 of 13Define The Word!
Someone who fails Church school
A dessert
Honey bee
8 of 13Define The Word!
The title for a Mormon who graduated high school
Any Mormon priest, general authority, or male missionary
The oldest male in the Church community
9 of 13Define The Word!
The "good news" from Jesus Christ
A catchy Mormon song
A small book of poetry read by Mormons
10 of 13Define The Word!
A general Mormon practicer
A title for a Mormon priest
Another name for Jesus Christ
11 of 13Define The Word!
Latter-Day Saint
A member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
A Mormon priest
Any saint born after 2000
12 of 13Define The Word!
A dwelling place for souls awaiting judgment and resurrection
A pre-planned vacation spot
13 of 13Define The Word!
Joseph Smith
The great Prophet who founded Mormonism
God's son sent to earth
The current head of the Mormon Church
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