Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Test, You Must Have Danced Ballet

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Life without ballet is "pointeless"!

A quiz on everything you would know if you danced ballet, from positions to french translations and everything in-between!

 Mar 06, 2017
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What language is ballet traditionally taught in?
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How many positions are there in ballet?
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What is the term for a grand leap?
grand jeté
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In ballet you never want your feet to be ___________?
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In ballet, what does "pas de chat" mean?
the step of the cat
no cats
little jump
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What does "en dehor" mean?
7 of 15Pick your answer!
Where would you warm up your pliés, tendus, and battements?
at the bar
on the floor
across the floor
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How do your feet move in a "pas de bourrée"?
they step backward
they step forward
the cross behind each other
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What is a "changé"?
a step where you alternate kicking your feet
a leap in which your feet change positions
a substitution of one ballerina for another
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What does "plié" mean?
to jump
to peal
to fold
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What is it called when you graduate to a new kind of ballet shoes?
Being on pointe
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What is the difference between a "plié" and a "demi-plié"?
a demi-plié doesn't have arm movements
a demi-plié has a jump
a demi-plié is half of a plié
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Where was ballet first performed?
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What famous ballet is performed around Christmas?
Sleeping Beauty
The Nutcracker
Swan Lake
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True or false: A male dancer lifts over 1-1/2 tons worth of ballerinas during performances.
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