Quiz: Can You Finish The Lyrics To All 15 Of These 1985 #1 Hits?

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'Cause she's still preoccupied with 19, 19, 1985

Take this fun and easy lyric quiz on hit songs from 1985 including artists such as Madonna, Prince, Bruce Springsteen and more.

 Feb 20, 2017

1 of 15Finish the lyric to "Don't You Forget About Me"!

"Won't you come see about me, I'll be alone, ____________________"
dancing you know it baby
dancing alone and maybe
ready to show it baby

2 of 15Finish the lyric to "How Will I Know"!

"How will I know if he really loves me I say a prayer ________________"
that he will find me
with every heart beat
for every missed beat

3 of 15Finish the lyric to "Like A Virgin"!

"Like a virgin touched for the very first time, like a virgin when your heart beats ______________"
I feel fine
at the same time
next to mine

4 of 15Finish the lyric to "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go"!

"You put the boom-boom into my heart you send my soul sky high __________________"
and it won't come down
when your lovin' starts
with your loving heart

5 of 15Finish the lyric to "Take On Me"!

"Take on me (take on me) take me on (take on me) I'll be gone _________________"
in a year or two
when the night is through
in a day or two

6 of 15Finish the lyric to "Can't Fight This Feeling"!

"And I can't fight this feeling anymore I've forgotten ________________"
what I started fighting for
when it's time to shut the door
who I am anymore

7 of 15Finish the lyric!

"We are the world, we are the children we are the ones who make a brighter day _____________________"
so let's keep living
so let's start giving
so let's begin

8 of 15Finish the lyric to "Raspberry Beret"!

"She wore a raspberry beret the kind you find __________________"
when she couldn't say more
for a rainy day
in a second hand store

9 of 15Finish the lyric to "Material Girl"!

"'Cause we are living in a _____________ and I am a ____________"
material world, material girl
technological world, technological girl
new world, new girl

10 of 15Finish the lyric to "Glory Days"!

"Glory days well they'll pass you by glory days ____________________"
asking yourself why
in the wink of an eye
in the wink of a young girl's eye

11 of 15Finish the lyric to "Summer of '69"!

"I got my first real six-string, bought it ___________________, played it till my fingers bled, it was the summer of '69"
at the five-and-dime
with a careful eye
through a friend of mine

12 of 15Finish the lyric to "Careless Whisper"!

"I'm never gonna dance again, guilty feet have got no rhythm, though it's easy to pretend _________________"
I know that I am through
that I am overdue
I know you're not a fool

13 of 15Finish the lyric to "Everybody Wants To Rule The World"!

"Acting on your best behavior, turn your back __________________, everybody wants to rule the world"
to hide the chatter
from human nature
on mother nature

14 of 15Finish the lyric to "A View To Kill"!

"Meeting you with a view to a kill, face to face in secret places _______________"
what a thrill
on a hill
feel the chill

15 of 15Finish the lyric "Dancing In The Streets"!

"Are you ready ______, summer's here and the time is right for dancing in the streets"
for a brand new beat
for a time for us to meet
for a little treat
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