13 Things You'll Only Understand If You Went To Saint Louis University


SLUdents unite!

Saint Louis University was the first college west of the Mississippi, and it's the first college in your heart. From late nights at Pickleman's, to waking up before 7 am to prep for Mardi Gras, to getting used to the crazy lingo your days at SLU will be cherished forever. It's impossible to narrow your love for this university into a simple list, but if you had to name a few it would definitely include these 13 things!

1. You Always Have To Explain The Billiken To People


"You're a what?" and "Why is it so scary looking?" Are two things you're all too used to hearing.

2. There Are Only Two Good Reasons To Wake Up Before 7 am


Registering for classes and Mardi Gras. That's it.

3. Flex Is A Hot Commodity


You're either always running out, or you have way too much but there is no in between.

4. You Complain About Eating At The Gries Dining Hall


But you still ate there multiple times a week.

5. Reinert Stinks!


If you didn't live in Reinert, you made fun of the kids who did. In hindsight though, you really just feel bad for all the walking they had to do.

6. The Chicago/St. Louis Rivalries Get Real


It's always a risk to wear a jersey during baseball and hockey seasons. You never know who you're going to offend.

7. The Clock Tower Is The Perfect Meet-Up Place


It's also not a bad spot to start your amateur photography hobby.

8. Spring Hall Is A High Security Prison


Everyone wants to get in to see the beautiful new dorm, but you're out of luck if you don't know someone who lives there.

9. SLU's Squirrels Are Bold AF


They don't stop for you, you stop for them.

10. SLU Has The World's Greatest Pep Band


It may be self-proclaimed... but hey, they make the basketball games way less painful to watch!

11. You Know The Difference Between "Club Pius" And The Library Annex


And it's trickier than you might think!

12. You Started Putting SLU Into Every Word You Use


Only SLUper SLUdents stop to smell the SLUlips!

13. And Finally, SLU Has The Nicest Folks Around


You've met some of your closest friends at this beautiful university, and anytime someone asks what you like most about SLU you probably say "the people."

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