Tips to Increasing Customer Experience in Your Salon

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Follow these easy tips to improve your business!

Your client experiences in your salon can make or break your venture, which is why top-notch service is so important. Clients are the lifeblood of any business, and you should show them that you appreciate them for choosing your salon.

How do you do this? Before you start offering discounts, you need to create a plan to improve your client’s experience at your salon to increase customer loyalty. Here are a few tips to increasing customer experience in your salon.

Connect With Your Client

If you want to succeed in the salon industry, you must be in tune with your clients so that they always feel comfortable speaking to you. Act like a good friend: listen to your clients and show kind gestures, such as offering them a drink while they wait for their appointment.

Everyone likes to share things about their lives, so talk to your clients about their work, passions, and hobbies. Many customers love being in the spotlight! You could also connect with your client by sharing hair care advice. For example, if their hair appears dry, suggest moisturizing treatments.


A part of connecting with your clients is being honest. While a customer may want you to bleach or color their hair, avoid doing so if it’s damaged and explain the reasoning to them.

Reward Return Customers

It’s easier and cheaper to get a customer to return to your salon than to gain new clients. So how do you increase your chances of securing loyal customers? Consider offering discounted services or the occasional freebee.

Likewise, you could offer a gift bag to your loyal customers after a set number of services or establish a loyalty program for customers to gain points. When rewarding customers, remember to do so for consistent appointments and when they refer friends.

Stay Up-to-Date With the Latest Trends

The final tip to increase customer experience in your salon is to be at the top of your game. You can easily do this by improving your skills and keeping up with the trends. The more informed and knowledgeable you are, the more respect you’ll receive. Investigate the many challenges that salon owners face and how to solve them so that you can improve efficiency in your salon. Don’t let problems like overbooking hold your business back!

By keeping up with the trends, you can also offer your clients more variety. Some clients may request a trendy haircut or dye job, and by remaining on top of the trends, you can provide this service. Additionally, the best hair care tips may differ during some seasons. For example, clients may need tips to combat static hair in the winter, and as a professional, you can provide this information. Not much makes a client happier than receiving the exact assistance and service they hoped to receive!

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