Tips To Get Your Toddler To Sleep Through the Night

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Improving your child's sleep also means more sleep for yourself!

Caring for a toddler is no easy feat. And after a day of wrangling them, you may have no energy left. And it adds fuel to the fire when your toddler refuses to sleep in their bed through the night. Luckily, a tale as old as time has given us tips. Follow these tips to get your toddler to sleep through the night because sleep hygiene is important for you and your little one.

Create a Bedtime Routine

Neurons fire at a rapid pace in your child’s brain all day long, and it’s difficult for these neurons to slow down near bedtime. When you create a bedtime routine, your child can relax and fall asleep quicker. A few examples of a bedtime routine include bath time, picking a book to read, a drink or snack before bed, and giving their loved ones a kiss or hug goodnight.

Check the Atmosphere of the Room

Lights and sounds can keep your little one awake at night. Turn all the lights off and invest in light-blocking curtains/shades for their room. A white noise machine or a fan can block sounds outside of their room, so they can sleep uninterrupted.

In contrast, if your child is a little over three, they may have developed a fear of the dark. In this case, it would help to keep a night light on for them. This could bring your child a sense of security and safety. You should also let your child pick out their bedding. If you give your child control over a part of the process, they may be more excited for bedtime. In turn, it may help them to stay in their bed longer.

Don't Let Naps Last too Long

If you let a nap last too long, you run the risk of your child not sleeping through the night. It’s best to keep a toddler’s nap time around 45 minutes and no longer. If your child is older than three, they may not be taking naps anymore. If this is the case, try to keep quiet time no longer than 45 minutes.

Parents and caregivers, remember that your hard work is not in vain during this short season of your child’s life. Follow these tips to get your toddler to sleep through the night to enjoy more time for self-care in the evenings.

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