Promote Repeat Customers at Your Waxing Salon

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If you’re a salon owner trying to receive more customers, follow these tips!

Have you ever had a poor experience at a waxing salon? There’s nothing more disappointing than leaving an appointment dissatisfied and possibly in pain. If you’re the owner of a waxing salon, it’s crucial that clients receive the best care possible. Instill these methods for gaining repeat customers to your waxing salon. And clients, we want to hear from you! Have you had any poor waxing salon experiences? If so, what would have helped make your experience a better one?


Marketing is an element that may push a salon to great heights. In today’s day and age, you can’t underestimate the power of social media. Create an account on Instagram and Facebook for your waxing salon. Any clients reading this can probably attest that they enjoy updates on sales, new services, or events you host in the salon.

Also, make sure you connect your social media accounts so that when you post on Instagram, it will automatically post on Facebook. And consider using free graphic design apps on your phone to create professional advertisements.


Clients may feel valued when they receive a follow-up after an appointment. Establishing trust with your clientele is essential for running a successful business. Reach out to your clients via text or email to make sure they are keeping up with their post-service aftercare. Also, be sure to ask them if they have any questions, how they are feeling, etc. If you want to go above and beyond, a simple graphic that says thank you means a lot.

Community and Services

Offer events to the local community and provide services at a discount once in a while. This could look like hosting a “girls’ night out” service. Make this spa complete with natural anxiety-relieving methods, such as aromatherapy and calming music.

Creating a one-stop shop for beauty services for a night will impress clients and small parties, such as bridal parties. For an added touch, hand out professional cardstock coupons for a discounted service next time they book with you. Be honest; isn’t it nice to get a discount price now and again?

If you are a salon owner, consider instilling these tips for success. And remember that results don’t happen overnight. You’ll still encounter the common challenges that all salon owners face. But stay patient and consistent and enjoy the repeat customers in your waxing salon over time.

Take the time to regularly invest in your marketing, clientele follow-up, and community outreach. And in the meantime, follow us to improve your women’s lifestyle brand so that clients receive the best care possible.

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