Different Ideas To Repurpose Extra Closet Space

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Give your extra closet space a new purpose!

Has the commute to the office gotten to you? Maybe you’re struggling to find time for yourself. Regardless of the reason, you need to reconsider your home’s square footage. There’s room for more than a bedroom and storage space in your house. Instead of going to the garage or expanding your home, try these different ideas to repurpose extra closet space.

Turn a Guest Room Closet Into a Tiny Bar

There are innovative ways to revamp any space. If you have more than one closet in the guest room, change one into a tiny bar. It doesn’t need to be extravagant; simply adding a counter, a shelf for cups, and a liquor cabinet with a wine holder will pull the room together and give guests easy access to their favorite drink.

Transform Your Den Closet Into a Quaint Office

If all you want to do during the workday is roll out of bed and walk to the computer, then customize your closet space into a quaint office. Again, it doesn’t need to be marvelous.

Simply adding a desk and some storage space can turn a drab closet into a cozy work area. The best part is that you can close the door on it at night for more room.

It’s okay if it’s not a “traditional” office—we won’t tell anyone if you fall asleep or get distracted by fun, innovative items in your office.

Create a Mini Nursery in Your Room

Some apartments and homes are too small to fit baby furniture. If that’s the case for you, consider transforming the closet space into a mini nursery. As you learn to settle into a new routine with your baby, they can stay nearby in their closet room.

Remove the door and renovate the walls by installing shelving units and painting the walls with a calming color. Sometimes the color you pick might be too bright, so learn a little bit about color psychology before painting.

Create a Reading Nook in Your Hallway Closet

It’s essential to have your own space, especially as a parent. If you and your kids love to read, consider converting unused closet space into a private reading nook. This works great if you have a secret pantry in the kitchen. Grab string lights, replace the spice racks with bookshelves, and add comfy seating.

Turn a Closet into a Mom Corner

As much as everyone loves the mom shed, not everyone can afford to make one, especially if they live in an apartment. Try creating a mom corner instead. A mom corner is the same concept, but it’s in a closet. Grab your favorite crafts or projects and move them to your sanctuary.

Whatever the purpose is, make sure the space has your personal touch! It’s essential to have your own space, and an extra closet might be the perfect getaway.

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