These 32 Dogs Had No Idea They Were Going To The Vet

These sweet dogs are so happy and excited, but little did they know they were actually going to the vet. Those frowns would soon be turned upside down.

1. This Trio!

This trio is so happy for this car ride...but not for long.

2. Look At That Face!

What a happy looking dog...

3. Two Is Always Better

Look at these two happy besties!

4. Windows Down, Tongues Out

These pups are ready for an adventure....but not the vet.

5. Look At Meeeee

This dog REALLY didn't know he was going to vet

6. How Cute!!

Longing for the beach and a Frisbee...

7. Little Legs!

If only she knew she was running in the soon to be hands of the vet :(

8. Woo Hoo!!

She's only thinkin' about sunshine and good times!

9. Ready For A Ride!

But not to the vet's office

10. I'm On Top Of The World!


11. I'm Ready, I'm Ready, I'm Ready

Not for the vet

12. Over The River And Through The Woods...

But not to grandmother's the vet.

13. "Then You Rolled In With Your Hair In The Wind, Baby Without Warning"

Right on into the vet's office

14. Yes, I Want To Go On A Walk!

She wanted to go on a walk to the park, not to the mean vet

15. Where We 'Goin?

He was soon to be running the opposite direction

16. I Love You So Much Mom!

the narrator- "She loved her mom for 5 more minutes until she saw the vet's office"

17. Run Puppy Run!

She thought she was getting a treat...she was not getting a treat

18. Cheesin'

Adventure time, or so she thought

19. She's Ready!

Aw, now we just feel bad for her... :(

20. Is This The Way To The Dog Park?

Bless her heart, she don't even know where she's going

21. I Want To Be Where The People Are!

He wants to see them, wants to see them dancing...not at the vet

22. Such A Pretty Dog!

But she's about to be pretty upset

23. He Loves Car Rides!

But he was soon to not love this one...

24. Palm Trees & 80 Degrees!

He was dreaming of fun times with other pets, not going to the vet.

25. So Cute!

What a cute puppy dog, too bad she didn't know what was comin' for her...

26. She Was Dreaming Of Play Dates...

All she got was a really sad fate...of shots.

27. Treats?

This doesn't look like the pet store...

28. If You're Happy And You Know It

Stick your tongue out!

29. He Loves Road Trips!

Or so he thought...

30. Whatcha Waitin' On?

This pup was ready to roll!!

31. If Only She Knew...

She wasn't going for a run, she was going to the vet.

32. Chillin' & Relaxin'

For 10 more minutes until he see's the vet's office.

These adorable dogs are having the most fun car rides, but not for long...

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