25 Of The Most Hilarious Pet Confessions


These pet confessions are so funny, but man oh man, are the animals cute!

1. So Much Fluff!

You gotta watch out for them pillows, they'll getcha.

2. Hahahaha What?!

Those troublemakers sure are some beautiful animals though.

3. Zero Days!

Looks like they have a fugitive on their hands.

4. Ya Better Hide Ya Shoes

"I'm mean to the dog next to me" hahahahahahaha that's great!

5. Dirty Paws!

Aw man, they ratted each other out!

6. Tastes Like Chicken!

Okay, but isn't he precious!?

7. This Also Tastes Like Chicken!

Them dang diets...

8. Up All Night To Get Lucky!

This is just too funny.

9. Terrible Puppy!

Looks like this pup has a new nickname!

10. What's Gonna Work?


11. Partners In Crime

Okay but seriously, these dogs are so cute, even if they do steal socks.

12. Oh My!

Bye bye doggy daycare, see ya neverrrrrrrrr

13. Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

You have one less ornament, blame it all on me

14. Everyday I'm Sparklin'

She just wants to be a princess...

15. Two Wheelin'

This is so funny, but we feel so bad for laughing, haha

16. Jingle Bell, Jignle Bell, Jingle Bell

That's a good idea though...

17. She's On The Naughty List

That's for sure...

18. How Cute!!

Really though, how could anyone say no to that face?

19. Yum!

Is it a good source of protein at least?

20. Oh No!

Monopoly is a very serious matter, and ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

21. Just A Girl & Her Avacado

Wait, who actually likes avocados?

22. She's Red!!

Taylor Swift can pull off red, but this sweet dog can't...

23. Run Forrest Run!

"I'm a cute idiot."

24. Gotta Love Your Meat!

Wait what?

25. Last One, Best One

Her face says it all

These pet confessions give us life!

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