13 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Went To Florida State University


Florida State, Florida State, Florida State, Wooooo!

From daily parking struggles to game day traditions, only FSU students will understand these adventures! Fountain swimming and Happy Hour are just some of the ways Seminoles know how to have fun. No one else understands the love Noles have for Garnet & Gold!

1. It's Not Red. It's Garnet.


If you're a Seminole, nothing bothers you more than when people say our colors are yellow and red. No, it is not red. It's garnet. They are not the same color, like at all.

2. You Love Seeing Red Lightning!


Non-Seminoles have no idea what you mean when you talk about Red Lightning, but you love him! Seeing him run around Doak on Saturdays just makes the game that much better.

3. Parking Is A Nightmare...


If someone mentions the word "parking" to you, you literally can't even. Awful. Annoying. It makes you want to rip your hair out. Absolutely miserable. Fighting over parking spots in Woodward and St. Augustine are some of your favorite memories, right!? :)

4. It Takes You At Least 10 Tries To Get Into Stroz


If you're a Nole, you know the struggle of Stroz. It literally takes you several minutes to get in or out of Stroz because you have to swipe your FSU ID like a hundred times. And on the rare occasion that it works on the first try, you cheer, chant, dance, and throw a party. Seriously though.

5. You Dread Mount Diffenbaugh


When you came to Florida State, you weren't thinking that Florida would have hills. But man oh man, do you hate when you have to trek the hill up to Diffenbaugh. But hey, I mean, it helps lose the freshman 15.

6. Ain't No 21st Birthday Without Westcott Fountatin!


Everyone knows that on your 21st birthday at FSU you have to get thrown in Westcott Fountain. You can even swim in it if you want. Oh, and don't forget it lights up at night! Cheers!

7. FSU Is So Extra They Reschedule Holidays


FSU students take any opportunity they can get to party, and it's even more fun on a holiday! But what happens when a holiday happens to be over break while everyone is gone!? They reschedule it! Nothin' like celebrating St. Patrick's Day on March 5th! You can't make this stuff up...

8. Suwannee Is Not A River


When you say Suwannee you mean the dining hall, not the river. At first you were excited about AYCE but then you got real tired of the food real quick. But you still go back just so you can hear Ms. Killings say "I love you, my baby".

9. Ha Ha Ha... Crab Legs.


Yes, we all know about Jameis Winston and the crab legs. Yes, all of the jokes were funny at first. But they got real old real quick, amirite?! We still love Winston!

10. There's Nothing You Hate More Than The Gators


If you're a Seminole, you may hate the Florida heat or hate the traffic, but there's no comparison to the hatred you have for the Florida Gators. Blue and orange are hideous, there's just no other way to say it. No words can explain the feeling you have when FSU beats the gators. P.S. - why does anyone think the gator chomp is even cute?

11. Pots... It's Not Something You Cook With


Pots is a popular word thrown around if you're a Florida State Student. To anyone else, pots are something you cook with, but not to FSU students! Aside from Clyde's, Recess, and the Strip, Pots is a go-to place to drink. Ya hit this place up every Friday for Happy Hour.

12. Wednesdays Are For White Trash Wednesday, Not For Wearing Pink


If you're a Seminole, the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says Wednesday is White Trash Wednesday at The Strip. Wednesdays are meant for cut-off jeans, boots, and beer, not for wearing pink. Oh yeah, and you've rode the bull at least once.

13. You Always Have To Take A Picture With Garnet And Gold


Saturdays are the best days, and nothing puts a bigger smile on your face (besides winning) than seeing these two! Some people call them Garnet and Gold, others call them Ketchup and Mustard or the Glitter Boys, but whatever you call them, you can't help but love 'em if you're a Seminole!

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