12 Animal Hybrids You Freaking Wish Were Real

These 12 animal hybrids are so perfect and cute that you'll wish they were real!!

1. Guinea Lion


Wow, we wish this was real! A Guinea Pig Lion is awesome!

2. Squirrelx


It's a fox AND a squirrel, how awesome!? Wonder if he can still clime a tree?

3. Bobmunk


This animal is the best of both worlds, that we wish was real! A bobcat and a chipmunk, how adorable.

4. Rhinophant


Who doesn't love elephants and who doesn't love rhinos!? This hybrid is so perfect!

5. Pig Squared!


Guinea Pig and a Pig is the perfect hybrid! Pigs are the cutest, and a double pig is even cuter!

6. Ladypug


Don't you want this adorable hybrid to be real? A cute pug and a cute ladybug combined, what's better!?

7. Koalacat


Ok this koala and cat is perfection.

8. Panowl


This fluffy panda face with the owl beak is amazing.

9. Puggy


These precious animals combined are perfect. A bunny and a pug, what more could you want!?

10. Elephfly


Elephants are some pretty amazing animals but what if they could fly too!? This elephant/butterfly hybrid would be pretty dang cool.

11. Kangarooster


A combination of Australia and farm life!? What could be better?

12. Meeraffe


This Giraffe/ Meerkat hybrid gives us life! So cute!

These 12 animal hybrids are perfect and we wish that they were actually real! Aren't they just the cutest!?

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