22 Beauty Tools on Amazon Under $35 That Will Make You Skip Sephora


Did you know that Amazon has an extensive beauty department? Every week, the mega online retailer offers some crazy good deals on all kinds of beauty tools and essentials (including its best sellers)! Whether you're curious about how one goes about waking up to glowing skin, or you're seriously bored and looking for a productive way to up your beauty game, there's a tool, trick, or gadget crafted with flawless coverage and elevated style in mind.

Check out these beauty tools that you can have shipped to your door.

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1. Pixnor Waterproof Facial Cleansing Brush

buy it here Price: $20.00

A waterproof facial cleansing brush with Seven different face brush heads give you the full range of cleansing, from a gentle cleaning to vigorous deep-cleaning, experience exfoliation more better for visibly brighter, more even skin tone. Suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive skin.

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2. Lavany Facial Brush

buy it here Price: $40.00

The latest Lavany Mini Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush effectively cleanses your skin; DuPont bristles are softer, more pliable and durable; a mini size makes it portable, elegant and cute; can be placed vertically on the rinse table after use.

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3. Bestope Blackhead Remover Kit

buy it here Price: $8.00

These practical beauty tools help to remove blackheads, acne, and various blemishes easily; A diagram provided which let you can know clearly the usage of each tool.

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4. Arishine 24k Golden Pulse Facial Massager

buy it here Price: $18.75

Amazon User Review, Sherry V. "This little beauty bar massager is on its way to being my best friend. I haven't had it long enough to tell you if it helps with wrinkles or not but I can tell you what I have discovered. I have TMJ issues but more so my chewing muscles in my temples fatigue after eating certain types of foods that leads to horrible headaches. Well during one of my facial massages i decided to try it on my temples because I could feel the muscles starting to fatigue and surprisingly I could feel the muscles start to relax and I did not get my usual headache. This isn't the reason I purchased it but I have a feeling it's going to be its main purpose for use."

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5. Tinkle Eyebrow Shaper

buy it here Price: $4.05

When tweezing hurts too much or you just don't have the time these little razors will work great.

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6. Tweezerman Stainless Brow Shaping Scissors And Brush

buy it here Price: $16.90

Allows you to isolate each hair for optimum accuracy and control when trimming and shaping brows.

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7. TweezerGuru Professional Stainless Steel Slant Tip Tweezer

buy it here Price: $9.97

Say goodbye to pesky stray hairs with these PRECISION tweezers. You will notice a dramatic difference in performance compared to store bought tweezers.

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8. Chemical-free Microfiber Makeup Remover Face Cloths

buy it here Price: $11.97

Erases all makeup including waterproof mascara, oils and daily pollutants.

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9. Esarora Makeup Brush Cleaner Pad

buy it here Price: $9.99

Amazon User Review, Patty A. "This makeup brush cleaning mat is GREAT! In the past, I'd wash my brushes by wetting then swirling the bristles in some cleanser in the palm of my hands. That method didn't always yield perfect results. Today I cleaned 40 brushes by swirling them in some cleanser on the mat, then rinsing on the mat. I now have 40 brushes that are clean as a whistle (as my grandmother used to say). The larger mat has several suction cups on the back that hold it firmly in place in the sink, and several different cleaning surfaces that are labeled (eye brush cleaning, eye brush refining, eye brush rinsing, face brush cleaning, face brush refining and face brush rinsing) with suggested use. The smaller mat is about the size of a Haagen Dazs lid and would be perfect for travel. The material is very pliable / flexible, seems as if it will be durable, and cleans up easily. It's a great deal -- especially compared to the mat made by a famous brush manufacturer, which is more than double the price"

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10. QGAKAGO Makeup Brush Tree Holder

buy it here Price: $9.99

A brush tower to help protect the shape of your brush's bristles after washing.

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11. Every Drop Beauty Spatula

buy it here Price: $6.80

Retrieves trapped product at the bottom of an empty bottle.

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12. Tassi Hair Holder Head Wrap

buy it here Price: $9.99

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13. Aquis Original Hair Towel

buy it here Price: $24.99

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14. Tweexy The Original Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder

buy it here Price: $6.99

Tweexy is the original, wearable nail polish bottle holder for doing your nails anywhere. tweexy securely and comfortably Fits All Fingers and Holds All Nail Polish Brands. Available in bonbon pink, spa green and sapphire night.

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15. Yueton Reusable Soft Plastic Nail Polish Stencil

buy it here Price: $6.29

Reusable soft plastic nail polish stencil.

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16. Refectocil Eyebrow Color Kit

buy it here Price: $23.79

Amazon User Review, "This is a fantastic at-home product. I'd say the natural brown alone is a good fit for just about any range of dark brown/brunette and for some brown/auburn heads out there - redheads (natural or professional) should combine the Refectocil natural brown (3.0) with the Refectocil red (4.1) for a better red/brown color match. (Don't waste your time with the in-between auburn shade). The standard directions advise to allow 5-10 minutes, with one pea size amount of color, and 10-15 drops of the mixer; however I recommend 2 pea size drops of the natural brown, 1 pea size drop of the red, and approx 5-6 drops of the activator/mixer, to make for a thicker mixture. (If it's too thin, it will go on streaky)... leave on for 10-15 min, and wipe off from there. Note: you'll need to purchase the kit (which includes the activator/mixer, brush and mixing dish). Just like any at-home color treatments, you'll just have to experiment with the amount of each color when mixing up the perfect red/brown color for your brows, for you redheads out there. I've attached pictures of how dark it looks when applied, versus the final product. (With ZERO make up, for a natural photo). After trying just the natural brown by itself once before, and the second time, mixing in some red, I think I've found the perfect match. Enjoy!"

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17. Kiloline Professional Heat Glove

buy it here Price: $4.96

Heat resistant protection from burns. The glove is designed only for heated hair tools operation, you can still feel heat but no burns if you touch very hot surface.

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18. Bed Head Deep Waver for Beachy Waves

buy it here Price: $16.49

Tourmaline, Ceramic Technology on Plates for Reduced Frizz and Massive Shine.

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19. Remington Pro Curling Wand

buy it here Price: $21.50

½-1" Curling Wand Creates Medium Curls.

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20. Hsi Professional Glider

buy it here Price: $35.99

The HSI Professional Glider creates dramatic results on even the frizziest coarsest hair; to quickly straighten, flip, and curl with minimal effort. Simple & fast.

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21. Elf Studio Makeup Remover Pen

buy it here Price: $7.34

Quickly correct small makeup smudges, smears and mistakes.

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22. Beautyblender

buy it here Price: $20.00

Beautyblender nude is the ultimate makeup sponge created to celebrate flawless, natural-looking skin. This edgeless sponge is the perfect choice for applying foundation and any other complexion makeup product that helps to define your natural beauty and get that "no-makeup" makeup look.