Quiz: Only Someone From The South Can Name All These Folk Songs. Can You?

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Is Carolina on your mind? Prove it!

This quiz will test the true Southerner in you! If you can match all these folk songs to their correct artists, then you're a professional!

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The roots of some of the best, most genuine folk songs, Americana songs, country songs, and even rock music that we know of today was formed in the South. Only true Southerners will be able to recognize which of those classic songs had the upper hand in influencing the genre of folk music that we know today. If you're from the South, or if you consider yourself a music expert, then this quiz was made just for you! Think you know your James Taylor from your Bob Dylan? Do you remember all the lyrics to "Helplessly Hoping" by Crosby, Stills & Nash? It's your time to prove it to us!

Music has the power to bring back to us memories of our childhood and memories of the good and bad times we've lived through over the course of our lives. If you're looking for a break in your long work day, or a break from the kids, or you just want to take your mind off reality for a few minutes, then take this quiz with us! You'll be diving into some of the greatest American country, soul, and folk songs ever written, and we'd love to take that trip down memory lane right along with you. The South is a great birthplace for roots music, and what better way to remember your roots than remembering all the words to "Fire and Rain"?

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