Quiz: Can We Guess Your Favorite Song Growing Up Based On These Questions?

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Let's find out what your favorite song is!

Based on questions that might indicate the top hits of the decade you grew up in, this quiz will determine which chart topping song is your favorite!

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We're going to try and read your mind to find out what your favorite song of all time is!! Just kidding - we're not mind-readers, but this quiz will help us really figure out your favorite song! We're going to ask you questions about some of your favorite things, and what you would do or what you might wear in certain situations. Based on your answers, we're going to guess which major top hit song from the decade you grew up in is your favorite!

Music is something that allows all of us to relate to each other, no matter our backgrounds or styles. There is a song out there for everyone! The great part about music is that that there is so much of it to discover. Crazily enough, that's the same with people. Someone who may look like they're a rock and roll music lover may also really love country music. Quizzes like ours aim to reveal (sometimes surprising) truths about your music taste! What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

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