Quiz: Can We Guess What Decade You Were Born In Based On Your Music Taste?

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Wow us with your taste in music!

This quiz will determine which decade the quiz taker was born in based on their answers of personality questions and their music taste. Let's get started!

 Aug 14, 2020
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Everyone's got a different kind of music taste. It's the thing that makes you the most special because no ones is the same! We're taking it on as a challenge to see if we can guess what decade you were born in based on your answers to these musical questions! Your answers will reveal a lot about your personality, and we'll take that information to tell you if you're a flower child or a millennial! Who knows? We could be completely wrong, and then that would prove how unpredictably amazing your music taste actually is! If this sounds like fun to you, hit that quiz button, and let's play!

Music is the thing that connects us all. Our favorite songs and our favorite artists can reveal a lot about who we are. By taking this quiz, you might surprise yourself with the answers you select. Maybe you're selecting more contemporary answers, or you might remember how you have always loved Fleetwood Mac, and you always will! Take this quiz and find out which direction your musical taste will take you!

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