Quiz: Build A Mixtape & We'll Reveal A Deep Truth About Your Personality

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What does your music say about you?

This quiz will ask personality questions about your musical taste! We'll reveal what deep truth your favorite songs say about you!

 Aug 14, 2020
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Back in the days when mixtapes were popular, every cool kid on the block was handing them out. Wanted to tell your crush that you like her? Hand her a mixtape. Wanted to have a dance party with your friends? Bring that groovy hits mixtape. Taking a long road trip and need tunes for the car? Make your own road-songs mixtape. In this quiz, we'll ask YOU to build your very own mixtape. Based on your answers, we'll try to figure out a deep truth about the kind of person you are!

Music is a powerful language, and it makes us feel things very deeply. The music that we choose to listen to and love can reveal a lot about our personalities. It can even reveal surprising details about us that most people wouldn't ever guess! That's what we're here for! Share with us your favorite girl group! Are you a TLC fan or a Spice Girls devotee. Who's your favorite lead guitarist? Is it Eric Clapton or Keith Richards? If it's Keith Richards, that makes you a Stones over a Beatles fan, doesn't it? Hit that START button at the bottom of the quiz, and let's figure it out together!

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