Quiz: Only Baby Boomers Will Get 100% On This Turner Classic Movies Quiz

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Prove to us that you're a Turner Classic expert!

This quiz will ask about famous movies from the Turner Classic TV Network including films such as Jaws, James Bond, and Swiss Family Robinson.

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Turner Classic Movies is an American TV Network that at first, only showed theatrical releases on television, but more recently, they have grown to work with more movie companies like Warner Bros. and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Turner Classic Movies grew to be a household name when they began bringing action, adventure, comedies, and dramatic movies to the comfort of everyone's living room by showing critically-acclaimed films through their network. Making famous movies like Jaws or the James Bond films even more accessible to families and movie lovers across the country, Turner Classic Movies is a favorite channel for those who grew up with its entertainment. These days, people love Turner Classic's Christmas movies and have it on continuously during the holidays. The network also hosts film competitions for young writers and composers looking to break into the film industry.

If you remember all the movies they used to show on the Turner Classic Movies network, then this quiz was made just for you. Not many people remember the storylines for these movies, but if you're up for the challenge, we're looking for someone who can ace this quiz! Think you remember what happens in every 007 movies? Do you remember what happened in the first live-action Disney movies ever made? Then, what are you waiting for? His that START button, and prove it to us!

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