Disney Quiz: Could You Survive Disney's Haunted Mansion?


Will you become the 1,000 ghost?

Take this quiz and find out if you could survive Disney’s The Haunted Mansion ride in Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

 Feb 26, 2018

1 of 15Pick your answer!

Would you enter a spooky-looking house during a rainstorm?
If it was raining really hard

2 of 15Pick your answer!

How would your friends describe you?

3 of 15Pick your answer!

If you found a secret passage, would you go down it?

4 of 15Pick your answer!

Would you accept a drink from a stranger?

5 of 15Pick your answer!

Would you do something bad because someone powerful told you to?
Yes, but I’d feel bad

6 of 15Pick your answer!

What is your biggest flaw?
Working too much
An inability to let go of the past

7 of 15Pick your answer!

Would you explore a haunted house?

8 of 15Pick your answer!

What would you wish for?

9 of 15Pick your answer!

What would you do to save your family?
Most things

10 of 15Pick your answer!

Could you overcome your biggest fear in order to save your family?

11 of 15Pick your answer!

How would you stop a ghost from harming a member of your family?
Trick them
Help the ghost to do something else
Hit them

12 of 15Pick your answer!

What magical object do you want most?
A potion book
A crystal ball
A wand

13 of 15Pick your answer!

What are you most afraid of?

14 of 15If you had to break into a house, how would you enter?

Break a window
Pick the lock
Drive your car into the house

15 of 15Pick your answer!

Would you snoop through someone else's drawers/phone/desk?
If I thought that I wouldn't get caught
Correct Answer
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