Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Texan Citizenship Test If You're From Texas

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How well do y'all really know the Lone Star state? Can you really call yourself a true Texan at heart. Test your Texas knowledge and prove you're Southern enough to call yourself a TX native!

From local slang like, "fixin to," to smokey the cannon, the Texas fair, and the Houston rodeo, every Texas local should ace this quiz.

 Oct 07, 2017

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Which of the following is often paired with country fried Texas steak?

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UT's mascot is named which of the following?

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When you order, "tea," at a Texas restaurant, the default your server brings you is...
Unsweetened tea with a spoon
Sweet tea, of course!
Hot tea with honey

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The world's largest rodeo is held in Houston each year and brings upwards of 2 million people together. What is the name of this huge event?
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Salt Life Rodeo
Texas Holdem

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Which of the following is NOT a classic Tex Mex dish?
Chile con queso

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If you're a fan of the Texas Longhorns, which team do you hate?
The Florida State Seminoles
The Oklahoma Sooners
The Clemson Tigers

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Which of the following desserts would grandma make for a traditional Sunday supper in Texas?
Creme Brulee
Pecan pie!

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Which of the following Texas cities is often compared to Asheville, North Carolina for its liberal, artsy culture?
San Antonio

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If you're a Texas local, not only are you familiar with this quote, but you've probably used a play on it as an Instagram caption once or two.
"Everything is bigger and better in Texas!"
"The Sunshine State does it better."
"Texas wrecks it!"

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This delicious deep-fried burrito is said to have been invented when a TX restaurant worker accidentally dropped a burrito in a dryer. What is this local favorite now called?
Fried Tex Mex

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Every fall, Texas locals love attending this fun event...
The Houston Cookout
The Texas Derby
The Texas fair

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When you tell people you're from Texas, you can often count on hearing this classic quote, drawn from a country song.
"All my exes live in Texas."
"Lone Star, where are you?"
"Bigger, better, everything!"

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Texas's state nut, pecans, are a great snack on their own, but they become even better when tossed with some brown sugar and caramel. What is this called?
Pecan pralines
Pecan Madness
Dirt dessert

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____________ the Cannon can always be found as an integral part of UT football games.

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When a Texan says, "I'm fixin to make myself some tea," they mean...
I'm about to make myself some tea
I'm stirring the tea
I will not make tea
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