Quiz: What NY Borough Best Represents Your Personality?

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New York is home to many different personalities. What's yours?

From personality traits to spirit animals and basic New York attractions, we're sure to guess what NY Borough you're from!

 Oct 22, 2017
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Who is your favorite hip hop artist?
Fat Joe
Nicki Minaj
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What's your ideal day?
A sunny day at the Zoo
A ferry ride with friends
Mets baseball game
Picnic in Prospect Park
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What is your biggest pet peeve?
Loud chewers
Close-minded people
Running late
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Your yearbook superlative would be...
Trend-setter, popular
Strong-minded, confident
Happy, outgoing
Unique, interesting
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Which social media network best describes you?
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Which of the following do you value most?
Personal success
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Pick your favorite meal:
Enchiladas in green chili sauce
Chicken curry and hot naan
Gyro with tzatziki
Vegan pizza with balsamic reduction
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What type of person were you in high school?
Kind of irrelevant
The jock
The quirky kid
The cool kid
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Your ideal apartment is...
Close to the subway
Brownstone with hardwood floors
Spacious with fresh air
2 bedrooms for cheap
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What color best represents you?
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What is your dream job?
Famous superstar performer
Interior designer to NY's elite
Real estate tycoon
CEO of a successful restaurant chain
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Which of the following celebrities best reflects your personality?
Jennifer Lopez
Lady Gaga
Katy Perry
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Where do you shop for food?
Organic World Farm Initiative
Fine Far Supermarket Delivery
Stop & Shop for 99cents!
Cipollina Gourmet Italian Market
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Pick an ideal vacation spot:
On the beach in Aruba
Court side at the NBA finals
Wine tasting in Napa
Family trip to Italy
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If you HAD to live in another city, what would it be?
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Are you Jenny from the Block? Or more of an Uptown girl? This quiz will determine what borough you are destined for! From Staten Island and Queens to The Bronx and Brooklyn, we know where you should set up shop. Based on these 15 personality questions, we’ll help you move to a new borough or stay put! Should you take a ferry to get home to sweet Staten Island. Should you open up a Greek restaurant in Queens? Or join the flock of people moving to various parts of Brooklyn. Are you a die hard Yankee fan that needs to live in walking distance to Yankee Stadium? Then The Bronx is perfect for you! There are so many fun and interesting places to live in New York City, why not figure out where you belong. Manhattan can be expensive so it’s time to try one of the other populated boroughs. The city has so much to offer whether you’re a shy wallflower or an outgoing party animal. This quiz will show you more about yourself than you ever thought a quiz could do! If you’re visiting NYC or thinking about moving, take this quiz to get a sense of the type of neighborhoods the city has to offer. If you’re tired of the Lower East Side, or done with expensive Uptown, we have some great alternatives for you based off your personality. Thinking about running for Mayor? Well this quiz is a prerequisite for such a task. So come on buddy, what’re you waiting for?!