Quiz: Only A True Philly Local Knows All 15 Of These Words. Do You?

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Are you a true Philly local?

From the word "grinder" to "you guys" to the pronunciation of water, this quiz covers all types of words from Philly.

 Aug 21, 2017
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What does "CHOP" stand for?
Craftful Heroes of Piracy
Creative Hands of Pennsylvania
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
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People from Philly love eating this yummy pastry:
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Philadelphians refer to Italian ice as:
Liquid gold
Water ice
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How do Philly folks pronounce "didn't"?
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"Whiz" refers to which Philly staple?
Maple syrup
Cheese melt on top of a cheesesteak
Craft beer
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If someone says "That boul over there has on fresh kicks," they're talking about a:
Senior citizen
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If someone from Philly asks: "Where’s the nearest MAC machine I need to get out money?" what are they referring to?
A Money Access Center (ATM)
A gym
A grocery store
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Mütter is the name of a well-known Philly medical ________.
Coffee shop
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If someone asks you to "pass the gravy" in Philadelphia, you'd give them the:
Red sauce
Hot sauce
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Sprinkles are known as ______ in Philadelphia.
Grave marks
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To greet someone in Philly, you'd say:
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How would Philly natives address a group of people?
You folks
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These are the beaches on the New Jersey coast and are the most popular vacation destination for Philadelphians.
(Jersey) Shore
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Not everyone pronounces "water" the same! How would Philadelphians say it?
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Would you like your cheesesteak _____ whiz?
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