Quiz: Only A True New Yorker Can Define These 15 Words In 90 Seconds

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Are you a true New Yorker?

From wylin' to real talk to son, this quiz covers lots of New York slang that every true native should know.

 Jul 07, 2017
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If someone is "wylin'" they are...
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"Scream at me!" most directly translates to...
Wanna fight?
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If you need to "get the drop on" something you are...
Getting information
Opening the sunroof in a car
Raindrop, drop top
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'You already know" actually means...
You probably don't actually already know
You know, but the person speaking doesn't
You definitely know
5 of 15Define the slang term!
If you are getting "grilled" you are...
getting interrogated
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Quit "fronting"!
Not acting like yourself
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The party was "mad" fun!
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Calling someone "son" means...
an enemy
your inferior
a good friend
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"We out!"
We're not involved
We're crazy
We're leaving
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"Real talk" means the conversation you're about to have is...
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What is the slang term for pizza?
Piece o'
P money
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"It's brick outside"
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If you are "dead-ass" you are...
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Synonyms "buggin'" and "trippin'" mean...
Being dramatic or scared
Falling over
Yelling at random people on the street
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"That's whack"
That's unbelievable.
That hurt!
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