Quiz: Only 6% Of Adults Can Get An A On This Genius Test For Children

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Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

With questions from the order of planets to animals to US presidents, this quiz covers basic knowledge from elementary school.

 Oct 28, 2017
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In what boat did Columbus sail in?
a sailboat
the Mayflower
the Titanic
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In the book The Hunger Games, who is Prim?
the president
Katniss's sister
the main character
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What is the verb in the sentence: Amber loves puppies.
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Colon is another name for...
large intestines
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What is the fourth planet from the sun?
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Sharks don't have bones, they have...
gills only
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Another word for independent clause is...
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Who was the third president of the US?
James Madison
Benjamin Franklin
Thomas Jefferson
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How do you identify the subject of a sentence?
The person, place, or thing performing an action
The person, place or thing having an action done to them
the action
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Plants are green due to...
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What is the name of the monument given to America by the French?
the Epcot golf ball
the Statue of Liberty
the Eiffel tower
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If 2n=4, then 4n=
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Half of 6 is 3, but half of 3 is...
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How many days are there in February?
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What is a baby cow called?
a mini
a lamb
a calf
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