Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Americans Can Get 26/26 On This A-Z Quiz

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You may be American, but do you know it from A-Z?

From A-Z this quiz takes you through American knowledge like Mount Denali, Abraham Lincoln, and Harriet Tubman.

 Oct 22, 2017
1 of 26Pick your answer!
Abraham Lincoln gave which address?
The "I Have A Dream" speech
The Gettysberg Address
The Novelty Speech
2 of 26Pick your answer!
Barack Obama was the first _________ president.
3 of 26Pick your answer!
Christianity as the founding religion in our country plays a big role in this line on the US dollar...
"Home of the free"
"US currency"
"In God we trust"
4 of 26Pick your answer!
Donald Trump beat out which opposing candidate in the presidential election?
Joe Biden
Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama
5 of 26Pick your answer!
Eisenhower was the __ president of the US?
6 of 26Pick your answer!
Francis Scott Key wrote...
the national anthem
the Declaration of Independence
the Constitution
7 of 26Pick your answer!
George Washington was the ___th president of the US.
8 of 26Pick your answer!
Harriet Tubman did what to mark her place in history?
Did not give up her bus seat
gave a speech
Assisted slaves in the Underground Railroad
9 of 26Pick your answer!
In what year did Columbus land in America?
10 of 26Pick your answer!
JFK died in which of the following ways?
old age
11 of 26Pick your answer!
King was the last name of which iconic African American rights figure?
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Sean King, Sr.
Francis Scott King
12 of 26Pick your answer!
Lower-level courts can be overruled by all of the following except...
federal law
other courts of the same level
the Supreme Court
13 of 26Pick your answer!
Money in America includes which of the following coins:
14 of 26Pick your answer!
Nebraska is home to what football team...
the Huskers
the Packers
the Jaguars
15 of 26Pick your answer!
Oklahoma is home to who of the following?
the Braves
the Sooners
the Red Sox
16 of 26Pick your answer!
Part of the Constitution states the right to bear arms. What does this mean?
the right to freedom of clothing
the right to freedom of speech
the right to own a gun
17 of 26Pick your answer!
Questions or opinions regarding state laws should be sent to...
The President
The Supreme Court
Senators, who work for constituents
18 of 26Pick your answer!
"Rights" can be unalienable, meaning...
they are basic, guaranteed rights
they don't exist
they can be revoked
19 of 26Pick your answer!
Salem Witch Trials occurred where?
in Massachusetts
in Rhode Island
in Connecticut
20 of 26Pick your answer!
The trial process in America involves...
guilty until proven innocent
innocence until proven guilty
there is not one
21 of 26Pick your answer!
Under federal law, a person has a right to...
skip trial
trial by jury
apologize for the crime and receive no punishment
22 of 26Pick your answer!
Violent acts are punishable by law through which charge(s)?
assault & battery
23 of 26Pick your answer!
Without the popular vote, a presidential candidate can still win by...
winning over the electoral college
a landslide
a Senate overturn
24 of 26Pick your answer!
X number of presidents have been assassinated...
25 of 26Pick your answer!
Your citizenship can come through all of the following except...
being born on American soil
being born to two American citizens
living in America for one year with no formal procedure
26 of 26Pick your answer!
Zenith, meaning peak, is a term to describe the very top of a mountain. What is the highest mountain top in America?
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