Quiz: If You Can Get 100% On This You Must Be From Louisiana

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Are you truly a Louisiana local?

From crawfish-eating techniques to Louisiana words, accents, and food, this quiz covers everything a local should know!

 Jul 12, 2018
1 of 18Pick the correct answer!
Every Louisianan loves this unique snack...
Bread rolls
Beef jerkey
2 of 18Pick the correct answer.
You're the luckiest of them all if you find this on the inside of your king cake.
A cherry
Mardi gras beads
Plastic baby
3 of 18Pick the correct answer!
What is the best time to eat gumbo?
Anytime of year!
When it's cold outside of course
When it's hot out
4 of 18Pick the correct answer!
If someone at a crawfish boil tells you, "don't eat the dead ones," they really mean...
Don't eat the ones that aren't curved
Never eat a crawfish
Only eat live crawfish
5 of 18Pick the correct answer!
Instead of counties, Louisiana has...
They do have counties
6 of 18Pick the correct answer!
How do you pronounce New Orleans?
7 of 18Pick the correct answer!
In Louisiana you see a lot of words that end in this suffix...
8 of 18True or false?
Always say no when offered a bib in a restaurant.
True, that's just embarrassing
False, let's get down and dirty with this crawfish
9 of 18Pick the correct answer!
Come Springtime, you can't live without this shellfish.
10 of 18Pick the correct answer!
What is the name of the mascot of Louisiana State University?
Seth (Snake)
Mike (tiger)
Barney (Bear)
11 of 18Pick the correct answer!
What does the name Baton Rouge mean?
Red stick
Red river
Baton stick
12 of 18Pick the correct answer!
When you order an authentic Louisiana po'boy, it comes on _____.
French bread
A croissant
A sourdough roll
13 of 18Pick the correct answer!
Which Disney movie is set in Louisiana?
Princess and the Frog
Beauty and the Beast
14 of 18Pick the correct answer!
When someone shows up to your house uninvited you....
don't answer the door
tell them to leave
invite them inside
15 of 18Pick the correct answer!
Which city in Louisiana is the "Frog Capital of the World?"
16 of 18Pick the correct answer!
True or False: Creole and Cajun are the same thing.
True: They are exactly the same thing
False: They are different
17 of 18Pick the correct answer!
New Orleans is said to be the birthplace of what?
Tap dancing
18 of 18Pick the correct answer!
In Louisiana at most cajun places, you can find this type of meat on the menu:
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