Quiz: How Well Do You Know Coast Guard Slang?

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Jump in a boat, grab a helicopter ride, or dive into the ocean because it's time to prove your Coast Guard knowledge. Think you have what it takes to be part of this branch of the military?!

From billet to AFT to the old man of the ship to a ship's colors, this quiz covers every bit of Coast Guard slang.

 Oct 09, 2017
1 of 15Pick the correct answer!
'AFT' applies to which direction?
At the very base of the ship
Toward the stern of the ship
Away from the stern of the ship
2 of 15Pick the correct answer!
'Belay' most closely means...
To make a demand
To cancel an order
To swim
3 of 15Pick the correct answer!
If you're in 'brig,' where are you?
Underneath the ship
Military jail
Laying out in the sun
4 of 15Pick the correct answer!
If someone yells at you, "turn to," they really mean...
Make a full 360 degree turn
Leave the ship
Start working
5 of 15Pick the correct answer!
"Swabbing the deck" means what?
6 of 15Pick the correct answer!
Who is considered the 'old man'?
The captain
The janitor
7 of 15Pick the correct answer!
Which of the following terms is a unit of measurement for the ship's speed?
8 of 15Pick the correct answer!
What reporting system do all active and retired Coast Guard members use?
Gin System
Guard Central
9 of 15Pick the correct answer!
A ship's 'colors' are its...
captain's shirt
logo on the side
10 of 15Pick the correct answer!
Your 'billet' is your...
position on the ship
11 of 15Pick the correct answer!
The Coast Guard's motto 'Semper paratus' means "Always _________."
12 of 15Pick the correct answer!
A nickname for Coast Guard members is "___________ Water Sailors"?
13 of 15Pick the correct answer!
Morse Code is a system of communication that uses ___________.
hand gestures
dots and dashes
14 of 15Pick the correct answer!
What is a Presidential Unit Citation (PUC)?
a demerit given to a misbehaving Coast Guard member
an award given to military units for their courageous acts
an ID number by which a Coast Guard member is known
15 of 15Pick the correct answer!
In the Coast Guard, what is a cutter?
A commissioned watercraft
The first member of the crew to set foot on dry land
A type of alcoholic beverage
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