Quiz: Can You Name These 26 American First Ladies By One Image?

Jackie Kennedy, pop art, america, Andy Warhol, pop culture

You may know your US presidents, but do you know your first ladies?

From Michelle Obama and Melania Trump to Nancy Reagan and Martha Washington, every history lover should know these first ladies.

 Oct 28, 2017
1 of 26Name the first lady!
Jackie Kennedy, pop culture, culture, politics
Linda McCartney
Ethel Kennedy
Jackie Kennedy Onassis
2 of 26Name the first lady!
eleanor roosevelt, politics, pop culture, culture
Sarah Palin
Eleanor Roosevelt
Elizabeth Warren
3 of 26Name the first lady!
first ladies
Monica Lewinsky
Betty Davis
Martha Washington
4 of 26Name the first lady!
Rosalynn Carter, First Lady
Nancy Reagan
Rosalynn Carter
Anna Wintour
5 of 26Name the first lady!
abigail adams, First Lady
first ladies.com
Abigail Adams
Rosa Parks
Sandra Day O'Connor
6 of 26Name the first lady!
Betty Ford, First Lady
Betty Ford
Margaret Thatcher
Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy
7 of 26Name the first lady!
Mary Todd Lincoln, First Lady
Rosemary Kennedy
Mary Todd Lincoln
Anna Jefferson
8 of 26Name the first lady!
Nancy Reagan, First Lady
Sarah Eisenhower
Kitty Dukakis
Nancy Reagan
9 of 26Name the first lady!
Caroline Harrison, First Lady
Harriet Tubman
Holly Madison
Caroline Harrison
10 of 26Name the first lady!
Pat Nixon, First Lady
Dianne Feinstein
Pat Nixon
Ivanka Trump
11 of 26Name the first lady!
Ida McKinley, First Lady
Ida McKinley
Kristen Davis
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
12 of 26Name the first lady!
Barbara Bush, First Lady
Yoko Ono
Gloria Steinem
Barbara Bush
13 of 26Name the first lady!
Edith Roosevelt
Amy Poehler
Edith Roosevelt
Barbara Boxer
14 of 26Name the first lady!
laura bush, First Lady
Susan B. Anthony
Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy
Laura Bush
15 of 26Name the first lady!
Martha Jefferson, First Lady
Amelia Earhart
Martha Jefferson
16 of 26Name the first lady!
Helen Taft, william taft, president, First Lady
Helen Taft
Cher Bono
Martha Washington
17 of 26Name the first lady!
Hannah Van Buren, First Lady
Betty Ford
Hannah Van Buren
Mary Jo Kopechne
18 of 26Name the first lady!
Melania Trump
ABC News
Ivana Trump
Melania Trump
Marla Maples
19 of 26Name the first lady!
Lou Henry Hoover, First Lady
Caroline Kennedy
Lou Henry Hoover
Juliette Gordon Low
20 of 26Name the first lady!
sesame street, michelle obama, flotus
Condoleezza Rice
Madeleine Albright
Michelle Obama
21 of 26Name the first lady!
Sarah Polk, First Lady
Jennifer Lawrence
Sarah Lawrence
Sarah Polk
22 of 26Name the first lady!
Mamie Eisenhower, First Lady
Betsy Ross
Julia Child
Mamie Eisenhower
23 of 26Name the first lady!
Dollie Madison, First Lady
Rosie O'Donnell
Sally Hansen
Dollie Madison
24 of 26Name the first lady!
Lady Bird Johnson, First Lady
Lady Bird Johnson
Oprah Winfrey
Great Van Susteren
25 of 26Name the first lady!
Abigail Fillmore, First Lady
Serena Williams
Sally Fields
Abigail Fillmore
26 of 26Name the first lady!
hillary clinton, politics
Hillary Clinton
Huma Abedin
Nancy Pelosi
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Think you know all these influential women by one picture? Ready to learn something new or relearn something you haven’t thought about in years? Take this quiz to see if you can decipher which first lady is sitting pretty for a picture.

From Martha Washington to Lady Bird Johnson, there have been many smart and chic women who stood by their husbands side, often times through the good, bad, and ugly. Many singlehandedly changed the country and influenced the citizens of the United States of America. Whether you believe or agree with their husbands politics is the real question. From ladies like Jackie Kennedy, who held the body of her husband, and swore in a new president with his blood on her jacket to Betty Ford who created a place for addicts to get help. The early first ladies helped their husbands write speeches, draft laws, and even sat in on meetings. All these lovely ladies hosted many events at the White House. They all had personal causes that meant a lot to them and for that, they’ve made our society much better.

Some were feminist heroes, speaking for women throughout the USA. They are important to our country’s history and often times, we’d rather have them in office than their spouse! So it’s time to honor these ladies!! Take this quiz to see if you can figure out who is who and maybe finally put a face to a name. So come on, what’re you waiting for? Get a 100% and maybe you’ll be a first lady one day!!