Quiz: Can You Correctly Answer These 16 Questions That Only Introverts Get?


How introverted are you?

Are you truly an introvert based on these personality questions, or are you actually an extrovert at heart?

 Oct 28, 2017
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Which of the following would you prefer doing on a Saturday?
Staying home and watching TV
Going to a soccer game
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You have a blind date, pick your ideal night:
Nice dinner under candlelight
Watch a movie with some wine
Go to the popular bar in town
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How would your enemy describe you?
Painfully shy
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Which animal would you want to be?
A butterfly
A hummingbird
A peacock
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Which of the following songs could be your theme song?
I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston
Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard
Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
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What city would you move to in a heartbeat?
Seattle, WA
Austin, TX
Los Angeles, CA
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Which college major would you get A's in?
Physical Therapy
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Which food could you eat everyday?
Spaghetti puttanesca
French onion soup
Chocolate frozen yogurt
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Which music genre is your favorite?
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Would you rather...
Sing karaoke
Dance in a mosh pit
See a midnight showing of a new movie
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Which would you most likely be on a movie set?
Award-winning director
The star actor
Brilliant writer
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If you won the lottery, what would you do first?
Call a lawyer
Upgrade your car
Buy a house
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Who can put you at ease?
Group of friends
Significant other
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What holiday is your favorite?
4th of July
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What Spanish word describes you best?
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What's your dream job?
The next Ryan Seacrest
The next Barbara Walters
The next Stephen King
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