Quiz: Are You Kentuckian Enough To Ace This 16 Question Test?

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How Kentucky is Kentucky really?

From Kentucky slang to the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Fried Chicken, this quiz should be simple for true Kentucky locals.

 Oct 27, 2017
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What fried chicken company originated in Kentucky?
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Which of the following occurs at the Kentucky derby?
horse racing
NASCAR driving
pig races
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Which of the following types of apparel is the Kentucky Derby associated with?
big hats
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Which of the following is NOT a typical side item for fried chicken?
collard greens
mashed potatoes
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You're working your very first job at a sub shop in Kentucky. Of course, they hire you at minimum wage. How much do you make?
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When travelers think Kentucky, they think ______________, as it's the largest city around.
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Which river runs north of Kentucky?
the Ohio river
the Mississippi river
the Appalachian river
8 of 16Pick your answer!
This famous religious museum has interactive displays of biblical scenes.
Creation museum
Plott Museum
Derby museum
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Which of the following is the most popular aquarium in Kentucky?
Newport Aquarium
Seanston Aquarium
Red River Gorge
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The Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory has what out front?
a giant catcher's mitt
a giant baseball bat
a statue of Abraham Lincoln
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The University of Kentucky's mascot is a...
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Every local knows that this is the best restaurant in Anchorage, KT.
Long Jahn's
Village Anchor
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Tourists everywhere love to boast about...
the fresh lobster
the 360 video in the Kentucky Derby Museum
the shrimp
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In Kentucky, "candy," really means...
cream candy
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What other people may call a shopping cart, Kentuckians call...
a stew
a john
a buggy
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If you see a Kentuckian wearing blue, they're probably a __________ fan.
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