13 Things Only A True FSU Girl Will Understand

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Are you a true Seminole girl?

Florida State is home to the craziest parties, the wildest bars, the best football team, and, of course, the best students. The truest FSU students go hard at Strozier, then rage at Recess. Check out this list to see if you can make Renegade and Osceola proud. Let's hope you uphold the garnet and gold.

1. Strozier is always crazy busy.


You're guaranteed to see at least one person you know on every visit. The second floor is the hot spot for doing homework while low-key socializing. It's almost impossible to find a table-- especially with an outlet. But, of course, that doesn't stop us from coming here every time we have an exam to study for.

2. Recess is the "nicer" club.


If you're looking for a nice club, don't come to FSU. But for FSU students, Recess is definitely the fanciest. Break out your wedges with a cute skirt if you're spending a night out at 'cess. This is the only place you really have to dress up for.

3. The Strip, on the other hand...


Everyone knows that The Strip is the epitome of ratchet. You can easily get away with leggings and a t-shirt without anyone giving you a second look. Whether it's Saturday night all you can drink, or the FSU favorite, White Trash Wednesday, The Strip is always a very laid back environment, especially in terms of clothes.

4. Happy hour is a must.


Every Friday is nothing but happy hour for the true Seminole girl. If you can't get out of Friday classes, they better just be in the morning. Most Seminoles start pregaming at around 4pm and don't stop until the night is over.

5. You Have At Least Three Different Game Day Pins


FSU girls don't take football lightly. With one of the best teams in the country, that means lots of game day outfits are necessary. Thus, every true Nole girl has at least 3 game day pins.

6. You've Pet A Puppy On Landis


With the number of puppies constantly on Landis Green, every FSU girl has pet one at one point or another. Whether you're severely allergic or hate puppies, it's bound to happen with the number of puppies you see every day. I guess guys think it's a good way to pick up girls. Wait...

7. Your Heart Beats for Mrs. Killings

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No one makes you feel more loved than Mrs. Killings. It doesn't matter if you ever had a meal plan or not, this Suwanee room angel can brighten your day from 10 miles away. The amount of love she constantly radiates is unreal - she makes even the most cold-hearted people tear up.

8. You Probably Know A Pots Bartender


Unless you're a freshman, chances are high that you have a hookup at Pots to get you free drinks. The only thing is that no one is ever super hyped about going to Pots. Pots is one of those places you just kind of end up, but it can't hurt to have a friend there to give you free drinks.

9. You Despise Orange And Blue


Orange and blue is simply the ugliest possible color combination. Nothing is worse than these colors together and they should absolutely never be worn that way. What, that's UF's colors you say? What a weird coincidence...

10. You Have At Least One Friend From Miami


Either you are the Miami girl, or you know a Miami girl. The "Shit Miami Girls Say," video is just too accurate when it comes to your everyday FSU Miami girl.

11. You Only Go To The Starbucks Line Inside Of Strozier


Once you've already swiped your card, you're too lazy to go back through to the line at the front regardless of how much shorter it is. You just have to stick it out at the inside line. Gotta stay caffeinated!

12. You Will Drop Everything When The Warchant Comes On


Whether it's in a bar, at a football game, or just casually in a book store, you can't hear the Warchant without doing the chop. There's no setting too weird to drop everything and do the chop to the Seminole warchant.

13. You're Always There To Help A Fellow Seminole


Despite all the partying, football playing, and studying at the library, when worst comes to worst, Seminoles are always there for each other. You can always depend on a fellow Nole to help you when your car breaks down or ask if you're okay when you have a mental breakdown on your way to class. Whether you're in Tallahassee or at home across the country, Noles are always there for one another.

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