Quiz: You’ll Only Get 10/10 On This Test If You’re A Grammar Nerd

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Are you a grammar guru?

Calling ALL grammar nerds! If you love fixing the grammar of your friends and family when they text or talk, take this quiz and test your smarts!

 Apr 19, 2017
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What is wrong with this sentence: "joe likes maggie because she takes him to the park"?
you need to capitalize "joe" and "maggie"
you need a comma between "takes" and "him"
no problem with the sentence!
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What is missing from this sentence: "Mom made steak! Let's eat Grandma!"?
missing a period after "Mom"
missing a comma after "made"
need a comma after "eat"
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What does every sentence NOT need to be grammatically correct?
a noun and a verb
a capital letter in the first word of the sentence
an exclamation point
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Which is the correct sentence?
I'm allergic to Jakes cat.
Im allergic to jakes cat.
I'm allergic to Jake's cat.
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What do conjunctions do?
they are actions happening in the sentence
they are the subject in the sentence
they connect clauses or sentences, or coordinate words in the same clause
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What is wrong with this sentence: "When I was younger, I play in Barry lake every summer."?
"play" needs to be in past tense as "played"
no problem!
the sentence does not need the comma after "younger"
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How many sentences should a paragraph contain on average?
1-3 sentences
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Are there any errors in this sentence: "After the concert, Kimberly collapsed on her bed, exhausted."
no errors!
"collapsed" should be "collapses"
you don't need any commas
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What is this called: "My son, Jeremy is smart, kind and gentle, and he deserves."
a fragment (not a complete thought)
this is a run-on sentence
this is correct
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Pick the correct sentence:
The recipe calls for three things butter, sugar, and flour.
The recipe calls for three things: butter, sugar, and flour.
The recipe calls for three things; butter, sugar, and flour.
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